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 Captain Wang Yao of the White Lotus

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Wang Yao


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PostSubject: Captain Wang Yao of the White Lotus   Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:28 am

{The last document by Zhang Yi, scribe aboard the White Lotus, and the only one describing its captain, Wang Yao, who was also known as the Tiger of the Yellow Sea where his first exploits were documented. This appears to be an accumulation of observations made by the scribe and his discussions with the captain.}

Name: Captain Wang Yao, Tiger of the Yellow Sea

Age: 30

Appearance: He has long dark brown hair that he usually keeps tied back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, and has eyes that are golden brown, unusually bright. As far as build, Yao is about average height and a slender physique. Yao is strong, but he mostly built for speed and agility. His skin was pale when he was younger, but has tanned over the years of being at sea.

Class: Captain of the White Lotus

Sexuality: Yao’s interests in partners seem to vary and keep many people unsure of his exact interest, or if he has any interest at all.

Personality: Yao is usually calm and collected, although this may cause him to come off as cold at times. Due to his upbringing, Yao is refined in his mannerism and tastes and likes his higher officers to be just as refined since they are the ones around him during business or represent him should he be unable to personally be present, hence his intense training and schooling of his now First Mate, one Kiku Honda. He enjoys high quality goods, as well as trading them for profit, and will not settle for low quality items (at least for himself). He likes to keep order and control on his ship and in business. In business, he tries to stay as formal and polite as possible, unless things start turning sour, in which he will settle things as he would on his ship with his crew, which would be in a word: fierce (hence his reputation as a Tiger). One thing he cannot tolerate is being ignored or undermined in his authority.

Despite his cool and serious demeanor, Yao is not heartless. He is protective of his crew and does not take kindly to those insulting them or trying to diminish their honor. Yao can also be seen as a caring person, although the people who see this side of the captain are few and far between.

Background: Wang Yao was born out of wedlock to a noble mother and a merchant father. His father traveled constantly, and was not a part of Yao’s life. Yao grew up in his mother’s family house, who’s nobility allowed him to be educated and experience some of the finer luxuries available. While he earned some admiration for his many talents and wit, Yao could never earn complete acceptance or respect due to his illegitimate status. Once his mother was married to another nobleman, Yao (who was in his early-teens at the time) ran off before he was eventually sent away to learn a trade and act as a laborer. He found himself at the docks of a nearby town, where he joined the crew of Captain Wu. He worked his way through the ranks with his work keeping records for the Captain and acting as a business man for him on both land and sea. Having seen potential in the young man, Captain Wu took time to coach Yao, becoming his pupil.

When Yao was twenty, Captain Wu passed away leaving him as captain of the crew, but he was to first sink the ship, as there was a new ship he was giving to Yao as his inheritance to start his own legacy as a captain. Yao did as his mentor directed, sinking the ship at sunset and taking on the new ship he dubbed the White Lotus, and began his reign in the Yellow Sea. His fierce and calm personality, along with the tiger design on his uniform, earned Yao the name of Tiger of the Yellow Sea.

By the next year, Yao had accumulated a small fortune to his name, and had a decent network of people. This network however, led him to crossing paths with his father, however the events of that meeting have been lost to rumors and speculation. Captain Yao hasn’t been one to speak of the meeting and quickly dismisses any questions about it. That same year, Yao also came across a stowaway in one of his tea barrels, a young Kiku Honda who was living as a Rat at the time. Yao adopted the boy into his crew and trained him as Captain Wu trained him, eventually promoting Kiku to be his First Mate. There are rumors and talk as to the nature of Yao and his First Mate’s relationship, but he largely ignores it and continues on his way.

At the moment Captain Yao appears content with how life and his business exploits are going, keeping his eyes on the golden horizon.

{Captain Yao keeps this record with his logs and will add to it as seen fit.}

{Upon sorting through his desk, Captain Yao found a drawing of himself by an unknown artist from his last visit to port. He put this picture with his logs and the manuscript by his former scribe}

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Captain Wang Yao of the White Lotus
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