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PostSubject: Kiku/Japan   Kiku/Japan I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 3:25 am

((Below is an example of a completed application, with all of its parts. If you still have any questions, or need a RP prompt sent to you, just PM Kiku and you'll get one~))

Your E-Mail: hue.kiku.honda@gmail.com

A Photo of Your Character:
Kiku/Japan 56628010
^ I dress in ceremonial garments to honor the traditions of my country.

Human Name: Honda Kiku/Kiku Honda (Western Name Order)

Country's Mame: Nippon/Nihon-koku/State of Japan

Personality Section: (NOTE: Your personality section does NOT have to be IC, but it can be if you would like.)

I am very pleased to meet you all. I enjoy quietly observing others and speaking only when I sense the mood is right (Suisu-san tells me that I should form my own opinions). Although I do not say very much, my home has attracted the attention of the Western world. I love learning new things and about other cultures, but Western culture confuses me. I used to be very lonely, but now I have many friends. I am not sure if I can keep up with everyone, but I will do my best! Please allow me to give you a very short history lesson on my home.

In my more traditional eras, I used to interact with many spirits that roamed my lands. I do not see these spirits anymore, but the kamis of nature still exist. After a long time alone in my home, America and other Western countries came and asked me to be their friends. Today, I enjoy drawing and technology, and America and others visit my home and ask me to do things for them. Please do not tell anyone, but I enjoy drawing, reading, and producing mangas. I also am fond of cute things, and I prefer staying at home. I am good friends with Girisu-san, and...I am sorry, but I am not sure what else you would like to know about me.

Please excuse me, but I must go and begin cooking.

Roleplay sample:

Kiku stared at the proffered game board, his expression mercifully masking his inner horror. The colorful box featured laughing children and adults in rather compromising positions, each with ridiculously over-sized grins that reminded Kiku of America’s Halloween decorations. Their hands and feet resided on colored dots, though there seemed to be no particular order in their placement. The subtitle (“The game that ties you up in knots!”) was not winning the board game any favor either. He continued to stare as America elaborated on the game, explaining the rules and emphasizing how much fun Kiku would have if only he would come over for the party. Kiku sighed, and when a pause in America’s sales pitch finally presented itself, he accepted the invitation.

The game had started out innocently enough, though Kiku severely regretted not having broken tradition and worn more clothing beneath his yukata, especially after a particularly unlucky spin brought him just a little too close for comfort to China (a rather uncomfortable reunion of sorts) and France (he could swear the other man was touching him more than necessary). Just as Switzerland made to start the next round, a loud knock on the door caught everyone’s attention. Before any of the other Nations could move, the door opened to reveal a smiling Russia carrying a package. From his position, Kiku could just make out the Kanjis that labeled the parcel as being sent from his home.

Kiku watched as America abandoned the game, causing everyone to topple into each other and make things possibly the most awkward they had been all night. Muttering quiet apologies, Kiku managed to extricate himself from beneath Poland and England in time to see America eagerly tearing away the paper. As the packaging fell to the floor, Kiku felt his cheeks growing warmer as he remembered the exact contents of the bundle now nearly exposed. From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the other Nations watching America, eyebrows raised in curiosity. As soon as the last of the paper hit the floor, Kiku suppressed a smile as the Nations around him gasped. The most humorous of the reactions belonged to England, who fainted on sight of the English maid costume the grinning American held out to him.

“I believe, Amerika-san, that Igirisu-san likes his birthday present.”

Anything else?: The garden is lovely this time of year. Amerika-kun would declare it 'awesome', though really it is just a good place to enjoy a cup of tea.
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