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Anabel Peeters

Anabel Peeters

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PostSubject: Belgium   Belgium I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 5:51 pm

Your E-Mail: ofelia.chile.tan@gmail.com

Belgium Hee_be11

Human name: Anabel Peeters

Country's name: Kingdom of Belgium

Personality section:

Anabel is a very optimistic person. Because of the hell she had been through by being a gateway to France during both world wars, she has seen a lot of death, as anyone in Western Europe at the time did, but since she was not really involved in the fighting, felt utterly helpless. From the point of liberation after the second world war, she promised herself that she would never let herself be so weak again and wouldn't allow anything get to her. So she tries her very best to see the good in every situation and try and make things work in a way that's favorable to her. She is very motherly, which came from being partially responsible for raising Lovino, especially when Antonio was over seas. She doesn't like to see anyone in trouble of any kind, since it would remind her of her own history, and does whatever she possibly can to make them feel better or smile, and a lot of times ends up being almost doting in her actions and words. She also has a habit of nicknaming those that she gets close to.

She loves baking and will gladly bake for others at any time. And she also loves giving out waffles to anyone who is interested and is always ready with plenty to share. She also is easily frightened. She gets scared and jumpy at horror movies and haunted houses and can get so anxious or worked up that she can cry and get a little hysterical. She knows it's all fake, but it still gets to her very badly. But otherwise, she tries to stay levelheaded and doesn't like being overemotional. She will rarely show sadness or anger, wanting to always seem strong, and can only be coaxed into showing these if her buttons are really pushed.

Roleplay sample:

Anabel was trying to be optimistic about this little diner visit. Alfred had seemed to enthusiastic to get her to try his version of her waffles, so how could she possibly say no? She wasn't quite sure how much she trusted this, since she had heard from other countries how the other's version of their food was... less than accurate. But she was sure it couldn't be that bad. At least she hoped so. And so when he ordered for both of them, she insisting to get it plain without making it a sundae, as the other did, she sat there with a little wary smile.

When the plates came, she was first of all surprised to see the large round waffle. She would give it the benefit of the doubt, and just thought that maybe that was the shape that they preferred and that it wouldn't have any indication on the difference of taste. Not to mention, the size was huge, but since there was only one, she guessed that compensated. Maybe it was simpler this way since they would only have to use the waffle iron once per person. It made sense to her, but now she actually had to taste what she had been served. And with the way Alfred looked so expectantly, she simple smiled before cutting off a small piece. Better to try it alone before putting butter and syrup since that would cover up the taste.

Well, it wasn't quite horrible. It wasn't exactly the best ever, either. But it was edible. Not as sweet as her own, but maybe that's why they seemed to add so much syrup and even ice cream. She looked up from the plate to see Alfred's excited expression and laughed a little. "Not bad, Al!" And then she proceeded to practically drown it in butter and syrup, but the other didn't seem to take offense.

Anything Else?: Garden parties with tea are always awesome. That is all.
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Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: Belgium   Belgium I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 12:48 am

Excellent job! Kudos to you for taking my lame RP prompt and turning it into something amazing *loves*

You're accepted! Welcome to the board~

You can now post an introduction for yourself in the Introduction board. After that, you can then start to work on profiles, start plot requests for AUs, and all the goodies on the board! As always, if you need help, feel free to poke myself or Arthur ^_^
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