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 Lili Zwingli

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Lili Zwingli

Lili Zwingli

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PostSubject: Lili Zwingli   Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:38 am

Character Name: Lili Zwingli

Code Name: None

Age: 15

Appearance: Blond hair in a bob haircut and green eyes. Rather small... assets, and she tends to be get depressed when they, indirectly or not, is mentioned. She likes to wear a pink t-shirt with a purple heart on it and gray pants. I wish I could put in a picture, but I suck at painting.

Mutant Abilities: Telekinesis, teleporting and telepathy. She can fly by levitating herself, and as all mind-readers she gets a headache when exposed to too many thoughts at the same time. She is not too skilled at sending thoughts too others, though, as she hasn't had much training due to the fact that he has to hide her powers.

The limit of her teleporting is one mile, though she hasn't found this out herself due to lack of practice. If she were to teleport that far, though, she would end up exhausted and with a crippling headache. She also cannot teleport other people, not even if she's in bodily contact with them.

Her normal telekinesis is limited to a ton, though she can slightly lift anything under two. Like with teleporting, however, things that heavy will burn her out extremely quickly, and she will pass out after only five minutes if she's in top condition, and even quicker if she's not. Due to these limitations, she would prefer to limit herself to light to medium objects if she for some reason is forced to resort to violence.

(OOC note: To avoid story-breaking and making it easier for myself to decide what Lili can hear and what she can't, I try to limit Lili's powers to the thoughts others write in italics, unless otherwise specified by the other party.)

Where Do You Stand?: Neutral, planning on joining government when she finishes school

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Sweet and gentle, she's a pacifist and very reluctant to fight, even if she's attacked. She's also a bit of a loner, as she can't control her mind reading and thus feels like she invading the privacy of people. However, if you manage to befriend her, she is very nice and helpful, always knowing if you have a problem due to her ability to read minds. It is extremely hard for her to get upset or angry, but if that happens she can be dangerous to be around as things as big as dinner tables have a tendency to start floating randomly.

Background: She was born to a middle-class family in Bern, Switzerland, and grew up adoring her older brother Vash, as her mother died in childbirth as she was born and her father was greedy and emotionally distant. He also disliked her since he blamed her for his wife's death. She first developed her powers when she accidentally read her brother's mind. They first tried to keep it a secret together, but it soon came out to her father when she started levitating during a dinner, who wanted to exploit her for money. Vash wasn't exactly fond of the thought of his little sister being paraded around like a circus animal, and thus had frequent fights with their father.

After an especially violent fight, Lili got upset and ran away, only to find that her brother had followed her. After a couple of weeks of living on the run, they managed to make enough money to move to America, where they got an apartment with their combined money. Her brother took the role of caretaker and she enrolled in school.

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Lili Zwingli
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