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 Kiku "Keeks" Honda

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Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Kiku "Keeks" Honda   Kiku "Keeks" Honda I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 5:01 pm

Character Name: Kiku Honda, or just Kiku if you prefer. I have also been called Keeks by some of my classmates, though I know it’s because they are making fun of me. I do think it’s cute though. Did you know that some of them think that I am a girl that simply has not hit puberty yet? They are rather strange, aren’t they?

Age: 17, though I’ll be 18 in three months, five days, sixteen hours, and forty-seven minutes after the start of term. I really like parties, because I very much enjoy receiving strange gifts. I sometimes receive strange parcels in the post from my family; though often times the Professors confiscate them because they don’t know what they are. I do suppose a bottle with a marble in it could look deadly. Oh well…I can always find some when I go home.

Professor or Student: Student, in my sixth year at Howgarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

My classes include:
- Apparition
- Art (the moving pictures fascinate me)
- Astronomy
- Care of Magical Creatures
- Charms
- Defense Against the Dark Arts
- Herbology
- Muggle Studies
- Potions
- Transfiguration

I would take more, but I am not very fond of time-turners. I enjoy reading the textbooks from the other subjects as well, so I do know a little of them. Ancient Runes, Divination, and Muggle are fascinating, though I simply do not have time for them. My favorite subjects are Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and Herbology, though I enjoy all of my classes.

(Keeks has a time-turner, but won't tell anyone since he's too nice to say 'no' to any of his other friends who might want to do some prank time-traveling. He'd rather not be responsible for what happens.)

Appearance: I am male, though if you asked me to prove it to you the Professors might give us both detention like they did to me and another boy in my second year (not for that reason, mind you...but I'd rather not talk about what it actually was, if you don't mind). I have short black hair and brown eyes. I’ve been told that I always look like my focus is somewhere else, but I promise I am paying the utmost attention to what you are saying. Though sometimes I find topics discussed by others uninteresting. I am from Japan, but no one ever gets that right. I would wear my robes differently if it wouldn’t get me in trouble. I’m not sure the robe-and-tie look is quite for me. I am going to keep this short because I can tell you aren’t really interested in my appearance.

Blood (Muggle-born, Pure-blood, Squib, Half-blood, you can also have veela blood or other such things): I am a half-blood. My father was a wizard, and my mother was a veela. They were quite in love although their parents were dead set against them marrying. Mum went off to travel, and dad is often in his garden when I come home for the holidays.

House: Ravenclaw. I enjoy being with intelligent people, but sometimes they are stiff and that one boy was eyeing me funny my first day...although he did have rather nice hair. I will have to ask him someday how he keeps it so nice. I liked the people at the Gryffindor table, though there was one boy with very prominent brows that probably get him teased that didn’t look amused. The rest looked like they were having fun. I am sure that things will work themselves out. But the Sorting Hat placed me in Ravenclaw, so it must see something in me I have yet to see.

I am also a member of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as a Chaser. I enjoy looking at the clouds, which gets me in trouble a lot with our captain. It’s not like I find Quidditch boring…I’m actually very good at it. I’m good at many things that people don’t know, but I can’t help it if a cloud reminded me of a plant from my father’s garden. But I do like sports. I am actually very strong and flexible, though I know I would make a terrible Keeper. Chaser also sounds nicer…Keeper makes you sound like you’re hiding something.

Sexuality: I’ve never had sex before, but gender isn’t important in such matters. I find almost everyone interesting in some way, though not in a sexual way. I’m sure though that it’s quite fascinating, like most things. It gets rather uninteresting if people talk about it all of the time though. If you like someone that way, you should just see if they like you back.

Personality: I am quiet and have been told that I am bluntly honest. I believe some call it intuitive, though I don’t think that quite describes what I am. I simply do not always answer questions or comments right away, which causes people to jump to unnecessary conclusions about what I think of them or what they have to say. I also lose interest in conversations...

I find everything fascinating, especially things that are abnormal. Actually, even things that are normal to other people, like clouds, are quite interesting to me. I wonder how that one student gets just one hair to stand on end? I think I’ll ask him someday….

I am odd, so other students tend to avoid talking to me unless it is about homework or charms, because I am rather talented in magic and smart enough that the Sorting Hat wanted to place me in Ravenclaw. I am rather glad I am in Ravenclaw, though the other students don’t very often interact with me.

I think most students avoid me because I like to mix foods together that seem odd to them. Back home I do this all of the time. I also do it with herbs in Potions class, though I don’t think the Professors like that very much. I don’t do it to insult the House Elves,…I simply miss the food from home. Father sends food, but the Prefects and Professors end up taking it away on ‘suspicious grounds’. I don’t think my food is ground-related at all, unless you count the herbs specially grown by my father.

I once miniaturized my homework. It was an accident, but the Professors didn’t believe me. I tried pointing it out, but I think what really gave it away as when the paper returned to normal size, folded itself into a crane, and flew off. I spent the detention making more of those.

I also find it difficult when I am assigned beginning chapters to read because I am very much used to reading books the other way. I find flipping them upside down fixes this problem.

I don’t like wearing my shoes inside, but the Professors and Prefects make me. I wouldn’t mind letting some of the other student’s pets stay in them temporarily, so long as they let me have them when I need to attend classes outdoors.

I think I will go and try to find my pillow, as it seems to have wandered off again….

Background: My mother was a Veela and my father fell in love with her. They were both native Japanese, though they spoke both Japanese and English fluently. I also speak them both, though it seems no one believes I am not hexing them when speaking in Japanese.

They had a lovely wedding and a full week of exotic vacationing and magical shagging before they settled down in a small home in a tiny Japanese village. I hope I used the right term…because I don’t think I know the other word for it just now.

I was born and I am half-Veela, which is apparently rare. I look more like my dad, though I am rather effeminate like my mum. I sometimes was bullied when I was young, but I learned how to defend myself like a Muggle and I can still bout when I need to. I find fighting rather pointless though.

I learned I was very magical early on, though I don’t recall a good portion of my childhood. Father says it’s because I accidentally charmed most of my food in odd fashion, which is why he started a garden. I also attribute it to getting knocked on the head a lot while training, or talking to odd creatures around my home. My parents thought I was mad half the time.

My mother decided to travel (she liked sleeping around with exotic men and women and some things I suspect were simply magical creatures she made up to keep her secrets) while father stayed and raised me. I also was raised by some of the creatures around my house, but my parents wouldn’t believe that if you told them. I don’t see them anymore, probably because my father makes me wear a charm that is supposed to ward them off. I take it off when he is not looking though. I think the only other student who would believe me would be that Gryffindor....

I’ve liked flying ever since I can remember. I suppose that is why I am on the Quidditch team. I also enjoy reading, as well as many other hobbies. I used to draw, but my drawings would get up and walk about, and I don’t think my parents quite appreciated it when their painted walls suddenly had missing pieces in the shapes of fantastic flowers. I think my magic isn’t like normal magic, but I’ll learn here for certain at school.

I have a very uninteresting life, you see, but I rather don’t mind sharing more about it if you care to hear it.

I’m honestly not sure what else you would like to hear about me, unless you would like to accompany me in search of my lost pillow which I ought to find before curfew.

((Um…so I purposefully just wrote down whatever came into my mind, with vague hints at Kiku’s ‘personality’ and ‘background’, since he seems to get rather distracted and well…this is a result of my mind and the 'how others see you' sort of babble. Also, the first person was done on purpose to...emphasize the uniqueness that is Kiku in this AU? *shot for not conforming* I guess that means you’ll just have to (attempt) to get to know him (or avoid him like the plague) in order to see how this even…remotely ties into the real world XD I think I'll look at this again and edit it when I'm more awake, unless I get loads of "OMG KEEP IT CRAZY LADY" votes, in which case I'll then edit for redundancy and grammar (which I'm sure I need) X.x))
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Kiku "Keeks" Honda
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