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 X-Verse Timeline

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PostSubject: X-Verse Timeline   Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:47 pm

In this AU, it is important for us to keep a timeline, so that we know when we've met people or in what order events are unfolding. That way, we can remember which characters have met, which ones haven't, who is where, etc.

BACKSTORY RPs - RPs that happen before your character's profile, or RPs to explain why someone is the way they are now.

THE PAST RPs - RPs that happened before the AU's 'present' time.

PRESENT RPs - RPs that are happening 'now'. The present changes depending on what large plot twists and plot points are introduced into the AU. You may also RP the beginnings of future events here, so long as you keep who you've met/not met straight.

If you have a RP to add, simply post below and we'll add it to the list in the appropriate place.



Backstory - The Past


The Present

Haru no Hana (Open RP at Kiku's Flowershop)
A Token for a god (RP with Kiku and Lukas, Open)
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Wang Yao

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PostSubject: Re: X-Verse Timeline   Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:41 am

First Impressions

This is a past rp Lukas and I will be doing. It takes place just as Lukas enters the Brotherhood and before Yao is the leader.
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X-Verse Timeline
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