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 Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! )

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Alfred F Jones

Alfred F Jones

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Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! ) Empty
PostSubject: Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! )   Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! ) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 9:28 am

Your E-Mail: kasumi65@hotmail.com ( eehh if you're gonna add me to msn ask first. I tend to reject most incoming friend requests.)

Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! ) Tumblr11

Human name: Alfred F Jones

Country's name: United States Of America

Personality section:

Where do I start... Right Alfred is bright, cheerful and strong but he is also naive and prone to making rash decisions without really thinking about it. He's the type to do it now and think about it later. When the thinking part comes he usually regrets about it and sees that it could have been done a different way. He's usually the first to try and make friends with everyone and yet.. has no clue when someone actually has an interest in him. Alfred is pretty obvilous and it requires the person to be really forward with him for Alfred to actually get the hint.

Alfred is also pretty smart, he may not act or seem like it but he has a brilliant mind for science and tech. He just tends not to use it since it is a lot easier for him to let others assume he was dumb. He also has no clue as to what personal space is. Alfred tends to be messy but to him its organised mess as he keeps telling Mattie when Mattie keeps nagging at him to clean his shit up. if he knows where it is there is no need to tidy. Alfred also tends to over indulge in sweets and fast food, During the summer its not too bad since he is active playing sports and going to the beach in winter however when he prefers to cuddle up and hide under his blankets he tends to put on weight which he later freaks out over.

Alfred has a small group of people he really cares about which is Arthur, Francis , Mattie and Kiku. He gets paranoid when he knows one of them is in trouble especially when its Mattie. And would do his best to protect this person given his hero complex. The main person he knows he can talk to and not be judged is Mattie, they both had grown up and faced alot of hardships together aswell and you usually can't see one without the other. Alfred sees him as his brother, his friend, lover.. everything. He feels abit lost when Mattie isn't around.

Roleplay sample:

Alfred was bored... more so then usual since there seemed to be an endless amount of papers his advisor was trying to get him to look at... which he did since that is his duty as king but after the 20th piece of paper. Alfred felt he had enough and needed to get out of the study before he went insane. His queen wasn't around which was uncommon for him but Feliciano usually stayed at the castle or went to his restaurant to do what he loved best, Which was cooking. If he intended to go anywhere else Alfred was usually informed which meant, he was at the kitchen.

Alfred grinned as he decided to drop in on his wife and see how he was doing as well as grab a few of the tasty treats. When they first got married, Alfred knew how much cooking meant to Feliciano so even though the italian was his queen and .. well shouldn't really be doing other things like that. Alfred allowed him to keep doing that even the restaurant. So his queen would have somewhere to go and do something he enjoyed to do on his own free will.

Arriving at the kitchen however made Alfred alert to the fact they weren't alone and it wasn't just anyone who was at the kitchen. It was the other joker who hanged around with Gilbert as well. While they were used to Gilbert popping in randomly this was entirely new in a different way. Most people wouldn't be able to tell a joker from a normal person if the joker intended on hiding himself but because the royals spend so much time with them. They learnt to notice things which set the jokers apart from common folk. " Hey.. Gil not with you today?" he asked as a form of a friendly gesture as he went over to his wife , kissing his cheek.

" Thought I would find you here baby, The castle was awfully quiet without you around. I almost died under a pile of paperwork." He gave Feliciano his best puppy dog expression hoping his wife would take his side in retards to the paperwork issue.

(( Yea.. i do so many rps with Alfred i just totally cheated and used an rp im currently doing somewhere else. GUESS THE RP KIKU ))

Anything Else?

Lets see.. my cat plots to murder me on a daily bases, I also have a cat who thinks hes americat. I love tea of all kinds but funny enough green tea is not one of my favs. I tend to go for milk teas or western teas ( I'm a horrible japanese ) YO MATTIE GUESS WHO STALKED YOU
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Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda

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Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! )   Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! ) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 9:36 am

Pfft, like you weren't going to get in! Welcome (back) dear! *huggles and steals away that pic* As always, we must RP sometime (not like we don't like, everywhere LOL)

And that's totally from 'Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice'! *squees at the cuteness*

Go ahead and put up your icon, post your intro, and work on profiles/RPs ^_^
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Alfred F Jones ( The most awesome hero ever! )
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