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 Toris Lorinaitis

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PostSubject: Toris Lorinaitis    Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:50 pm

[[The following is a short autobiological account of Toris Lorinitus and his past before being exiled from his home, translated from his native hand of Lithuanian. It was found in an old hand-bound leather journal by an old woman in a chest she bought from an auction house. Upon it’s discovery she sent the book to be appraised. Needless to say she is now living comfortably with the funds from selling it. It now is housed in the Lithuanian National History Museum for all to see.
His work is given credit for the record of not only pirate philosophy but also the impact of pirates in the Northern Seas; as well as the government and cultures of pirates on their ships.]]

It feels as though this day is my first, and that I have been given new life in this forsaken world. A real life away from government and law. I have been set free from the immorals of the Crown. Though the condition of humanity has yet to change much from where I have previously had accounts, there still is glimmering new hope on the horizon.
Here I put to rest my pervious life. May it rest on these pages for all to come to understand why I have decided to let the waves of the ocean wash them away. Never shall they unrest me again; I was born in a costal town of Lipawa along the beautiful Baltic Sea. My mother was called Amalija and my father Aleksandras. Aleksandras maps were the most popular in the Grand Dutchy between the years of 1645 and 1681. The year of 1681 being of which the year the business was destroyed by the people. Since the people have spoken I have simply taken the option that they have given me. Watching the structure of simple mud and wood that my father had built with only dreams and strength; and seeing my birth givers turn to ask with all that we had found together as our being has taken a toll on my faith in humanity. I have set forth into the only comfort I have left. Into the ember stripes of white and red that blind me with their beauty every evening. Where their warmth gives way to ember shores and gems that glitter with their magnificent light. And from these waters I set forth towards a new destiny, one with only my dreams and skills of a ruined humanity to guide me.
May the God in heavens above prepare my soul for what lies before me, and may the waters of these seas wash away the sins behind me. I am anew.

[[Folded between the pages there is a portrait of a man. On it's backside is written the name Toris and the date of 1686]]
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Toris Lorinaitis
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