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 Kiku's Plot Journal

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Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Kiku's Plot Journal   Kiku's Plot Journal I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 11:38 pm

All right then...it's about time Kiku had a plotting thread for this AU...being a badass human being, he certainly needs one XD Feel free to make plot/RP requests of Kiku below~


Profile: HERE

About Kiku
♫ Raised with 2 siblings by their father, who was a swordsmith
♫ His father murdered his brothers by doing experiments on them
♫ His father infused him with something that caused problems (see 'Disease')
♫ Joined the Hunters for a few days, but left them.

♫ He's a human (at present)
♫ He is highly trained in combat, and can be found often training in the Forest
♫ He is not exactly a vampire sympathizer, but he does need their help to release the pent-up energy his body contains
♫ He spends his time away from people as best as he can.
♫ He does not speak often, preferring to communicate silently since he can't speak (see 'Disease')

♫ Kiku's father injected him with something that causes his adrenaline to race constantly
♫ His body is able to heal faster and he is often jittery, his mind/heart races, and he is constantly in need of motion. (He is not nearly to the level of vampires/werewolves, but better than the average human)
♫ His blood tastes different than that of other humans (though what it tastes like depends on the vampire)
♫ He carries a diary with him. This is his father's journal and it contains his records of what he did.
♫ He is searching for a cure, and records his findings in the journal.
(PM with any questions, or check his profile for more details)

Current RPs

Drained (Open RP)
Fascination (Open RP) [COMPLETE]
Intrigue (Closed RP with Arthur, rated R)
Misunderstandings (Closed RP with Vlad)
Stained Glass Peace (Closed RP, for the humans) [His role is complete, but the RP is still going]

Plot/RP Requests

♫ RP with Roderich~
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Kiku's Plot Journal
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