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 Speedy Feliciano

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Feliciano Vargas

Feliciano Vargas

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Character Name: Feliciano Vargas

Age: 19

Appearance: Standing at a respectable 5'7" (but he looks 5'8" in his shoes), Feliciano is most often seen with a smile on his face. He keeps himself well groomed, and he counts himself lucky that his hair (sans one errant curl) seems to fall naturally into a nice, manageable style. He gets his hair trimmed regularly, and he will habitually return to the same hairstylist if they do a good job.

Despite not having the most lucrative job in all of New York, Feliciano attempts to dress at the height of fashion...as far as his paycheck will stretch. He is most commonly seen in nice slacks and a button-up shirt, with his usual obsession being with the newest pair of shoes. He buys a new pair about once a month, partially to stay in fashion, and partially because he tends to wear his shoes out quite frequently. He is almost as equally picky about his socks, though he is rarely seen without shoes on his feet. If his pants do not fit him just right, he will pay any amount of money to have them specially tailored, and the hems must not touch his shoes in any way.

Because he spends so much on new clothing (from shoes to his underwear), he often wears nothing to bed. On the rare occasions he has company over, he will wear an old undershirt (stained pink by a laundry mishap) and yellow boxer shorts.

His pizza delivery boy uniform is a blue and white sailor suit, with a blue cap and black shoes. He wears a sticker for a nametag, since he can't seem to keep track of the actual nametag his employers give to him.


He refuses to wear a helmet while riding his moped, though he will remove the sailor cap so that he won't lose it.

Mutant Abilities: Feliciano has the power of super speed, which translates into anything from super speedy speech (accompanied by hand motions) to super speedy running away. His speed allows him to run on water, or drive vehicles (or other objects) so fast that they can become water vessels too. However, he must keep moving in order to defy physics, so if he stops on the water, he will sink (and he’s not the greatest swimmer).

His powers do have their limits though, such as his speed does not translate into speedy recovery. Instead, usually his speed accelerates the damage. For example, if Feliciano was shot, his wound would not heal faster. Instead, he would probably lose blood faster due to his inability to stop panicking and possibly not making sense to anyone he asks for help. His energy is also not limitless, and he can only gain more through eating or sleeping. Because of this, he often will eat large amounts of food, and is very careful to take at least one nap during the day (at the same time, if he can help it).

Where Do You Stand?: Currently neutral~

Mutant/Brotherhood Code Name: Velocito

Sexuality: Due to his super speed, Feliciano tends to avoid sexual intercourse. He is more comfortable being a flirt than anything, and seems more attracted to girls. However, he has also been known to mistake males that look rather feminine for girls and has approached them, as well as have males hit on him. He is rather dense in terms of realizing when someone is hitting on him for sexual favors versus simply flirting with him.


Feliciano's nature is highly dependent on the company he is in, though for the most part, he is a cheerful individual. Brimming with optimism, Feliciano tries his best to see the good in everyone, whether they are actually good or not. Despite his tendencies to warm up to people (or to have people warm up to him) quickly, he does tend to judge people immediately, resulting in him either being extremely friendly...or extremely terrified of said person. Though he will eventually cast aside his initial reactions to people, he still remains a bit naive to those whose intentions are not very straightforward.

He is genuine and honest to a fault, and though he can seem rather clueless in certain situations, he does have his moments of intelligence, particularly when it comes to people and getting them to tolerate each other. His people-pleasing nature causes him to do everything in his power to make others happy, even at the cost of his own happiness. His innocence, or innocent appearance, often makes those around him wish to protect him. But in the face of the worst odds, Feliciano is a fierce fighter and a loyal friend. He will do everything to protect his friends and the people he loves, whether he feels he can win or not.

He takes well to cute and pretty things, though he can never bring himself to become too attached to anything, unless it is an animal or plant. He knows that flowers don't last forever, and that for the most part, animals are incapable of bullying him and making him feel insecure the way that humans do. He currently has no pets of his own, but he hopes to someday be financially well off enough to afford a kitten.

Though he is often first in the room, or close to the center of attention, Feliciano is a highly insecure individual. The accident from his past still haunts him, making him extremely fearful of using his powers. Though he often hears praise about his work or about his accomplishments (such as delivering a pizza very quickly), and though he will smile and accept the praise gratefully, inwardly he has a difficult time believing that people actually think well of him. He will flirt with girls, and as they reciprocate his flirtations he does feel some sense of self worth. But he never takes the relationship beyond that, afraid that the girls will only think of him as someone to dote on, and to see his fears as childish.

He has come to accept his powers as part of him, though he still has his doubts about using them. Mostly, he tries his best to live a normal life, in the hopes that the little things he does for people will help to rebuild his rather shaky self-esteem. He loves to draw and paint, the subjects in each often reflecting his mood at the time. However, he keeps his most revealing paintings and drawings to himself, afraid that if others see them they will judge him harshly.


Born into a large, Italian family, Feliciano was raised in the kitchen, for the kitchen. At a very young age, the bright-eyed boy showed natural talent in all things cooking, though he was terrible at academics. However, academics mattered very little when the family business was running a restaurant. The naturally friendly Italian excelled in being a waiter and cook, especially when he could practically run the joint by himself. He excelled in many of the household chores...as long as he actually put concentration and effort into what he was doing/

He also found that he was able to paint and draw quite well, and he occasionally changed the murals and paintings around the restaurant for his family. He invented speed painting, and although no artist since could match his actual speed, the paintings they produced can be seen around the world to this day.

However, Feliciano’s immediate family did not realize the young Italian was despised by his peers, who were jealous of his family’s riches and prestige. Whenever the Italian went out, he was bullied mercilessly, beaten and sometimes even thrown into random dumpsters. The worst was when his peers would throw him into the local canals, where passing barges would be forced to pick up the Italian and turn him over to the police until his parents could be called. His family could not understand how their son got into so much trouble, but they did everything they could to teach him to behave.

They decided to send him away to live with his grandfather for a short time, a famous chef who was touring in America and visiting New York City. His grandfather put him to work more and more in the kitchen, hoping that it would help him realize that he was worth something and that he shouldn't take the bullying so hard. However, Feliciano grew to dislike the kitchen, instead locking himself in the studio and painting. He soon needed to return home, and when he did, he found that his peers had not changed.

One day, he easily outstripped his pursuers, even running across a long canal to escape. It was then he realized that he was gifted with the power of super speed, and that he could avoid being bullied again for the rest of his life if he wanted to. His speed even translated into his driving, and soon his tiny Vesper was the fastest in all of Italy. He never mentioned his powers to his parents, though Feliciano suspected his family knew simply because almost everyone in Italy knew everyone else.

While driving his Vesper faster than he should have a few months later, he ended up swerving to avoid a fruit stand, driving the vehicle into the canal. Defying all logic, he drove the Vesper on the water, eventually crashing into a visiting merchant ship from Turkey. Horrified at the damage he had caused, Feliciano did everything he could to rescue everyone on board. He was able to save every single life…but one. To this day, the memory of the little boy he killed haunts him, and so he vowed to never do anything recklessly again, and to only use his powers to help people, or to escape from fights.

He decided to make a new start for himself, using the few connections he had gained while in NYC to move back to the States. He attempted to gain employment in restaurants or even art galleries, but none would hire him due to his lack of education and prior experience. Alone in the big city, he searched for any job that would take him, winding up becoming a pizza delivery boy for 'La Bella Farrara'.

He can be seen riding a more modest moped around the city, toting pizzas to his next delivery. He has a small, modest apartment, filled to the brim with paintings and drawings done by him. He occasionally manages to sell off one of his paintings to a small business or shop, which gives him just a little extra income.


- La Bella Farrara is actually a small cafe in New York City. It's a gorgeous little cafe (very small) and their pizza/pastries/coffees are amazing! The place probably does not do deliveries in actuality, but in this setting it's probably okay to take that little bit of liberty and say that they can. (I've been there...and believe me when I say I haven't had pizza that amazing since...actually going to Italy...so you MUST GO SOMEDAY 8D)
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Speedy Feliciano
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