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 Feliciano Vargas - Chef

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Feliciano Vargas

Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Feliciano Vargas - Chef   Feliciano Vargas - Chef I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2013 3:28 pm

Character Name: Feliciano Vargas

Age: 20

(This one has Lovi in it too~ flip that dough, Lovi~)

Customer or Club Employee?: Former customer, now club chef (see 'Background' for more details)

If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?: Feliciano is the club's chef, making the items customers can order on the menu. He also has the unfortunate task of cooking for Arthur.

Sexuality: He has been bi-curious for quite some time, though he has never explored it. (See 'Background' for more details)


Whether he is working in the kitchen or serving customers on the floor, Feliciano is rarely seen without a smile on his face. He does prefer the kitchen, where he moves around as if the place is his home away from home. He is happy to recommend a good drink to match food, as well as to offer alternatives to the more picky customers (within reason, of course). He works hard to please people, from their tastes to their service. Though he is confident in all matters concerning food, he becomes far less so when faced with the advances of the customers on the floor. Since he generally wears his emotions on his sleeve, he won't hesitate to burst into tears, or run from the room screaming if things upset him.

He is rather naive when it comes to sex (though he knows about it), and gets easily flustered if faced with anything beyond flirting. Though he is very aware he works in a strip club, he does everything within his power not to be coerced to perform. Though he is easily happy and enjoys making others happy, he is not the most self-confident individual and so prefers to stay off stage and out of costumes. However, if any of his fellow performers or coworkers need his help, he is often more than happy to try to accommodate them. He is easily intimidated, especially by people who often shout or speak in loud voices, and he will often run and hide from them rather than confront them.

Typically, he is quite easy to get along with, especially when he is in the kitchen. He enjoys his job, and tries to make cooking (and thus, the meals) something that everyone can also enjoy. Though he is not always the best at keeping his cooking surfaces clean (he has others to help, thankfully), he is a little picky about where his cooking implements are, particularly those he uses often. Still, he is personable and kind, and never afraid to praise someone else for a job well done. Even when things do not go his way, he never gets openly angry. He might whine and complain until things get better, but he much prefers to remain cheerful and to keep the kitchen a pleasant place.

He is extremely picky about his food, and as a chef this translates into several things. First, the actual ingredients that go into his dishes need to be the best. Second, the kitchen must be outfitted with the latest, from the dishes to the appliances. Third, if he has a staff, they must be diligent and well trained. Fourth, he must deem the dish acceptable before it is even plated. And finally, the presentation of the dish must be perfect. Though he favors pasta dishes, particularly with tomato-based sauces, he is not above making other dishes. He is capable of cooking more casually, but when it comes to important events or guests of honor, he will become a very different person in the kitchen...and if anyone he cares about is being targeted.


Feliciano's memories of his early childhood mostly came from stories told to him by his fratello, Lovino. According to his brother, the two lived a good life in Italy, with loving parents who gave them everything they could ever want. But when he was three years old, his parents died in an accident. Their numerous relatives fought over who would take them, but Feliciano only vaguely recalled missing his parents and clinging to his brother. Eventually, their grandfather took them both to his home in London. Feliciano's only memories of the trip were of crying, clinging to Lovino, and asking when they would be going back home to their parents. Though he would never admit it, he also vaguely remembers that Lovino began smiling less and less around others, including himself (though his fratello managed one once in awhile, to cheer him up).

His childhood with his grandfather was a good one. His grandfather enjoyed doting on him, giving him almost anything he asked for. Feliciano enjoyed attending the various parties and gatherings his grandfather hosted, and many of his grandfather's friends remarked on how cheerful and cute he was. He failed to notice at first that those people were comparing him to his brother, since his brother so rarely attended the same events. But as he grew older, he began to be more attentively to Lovino's moods, and to listen to the way people spoke about his fratello. He never corrected them, since he never felt it was his place to speak for Lovino, instead hiding all of his worries and concerns behind the 'adorable smile' everyone seemed to like so much.

He spent any free time he could in the kitchen, learning how to cook. He found that while hidden among the pots and pans, he could put aside the fake smiles and focus completely on making his dishes taste good. Over the years, he learned many different recipes, though his favorites remained pasta dishes and anything that reminded him of Italy. As his grandfather fell ill, he started attending less and less parties. He spent all of his free time with his fratello, with his grandfather, or cooking in the kitchen. He would often sneak into his fratello's room at night to sleep with him, not wanting to be alone. Though he could never explain it, he had started to fear that everyone he cared about would eventually leave him, or that he would be separated from his fratello. His grandfather died when he was 15.

Fearing that their family would separate him from his fratello, Feliciano began looking for a job of his own. However, he found that most jobs would not hire him, despite his reputation as a kind person with a decent sense of fashion and a knack for cooking. Worse, Lovino began to work longer and longer hours, trying to make enough money to keep him happy. Feliciano spent less time in the kitchen, only cooking small things for Lovino and himself. He would try not to ask for expensive ingredients, though he knew even cheaper ingredients were not the answer. He desperately needed a job, but mentioning anything other than housework or cooking usually brought a disapproving frown to his fratello's face.

When he turned 16, he announced to Lovino that he was considering joining the military. The stable job would give the two a neat source of income, while giving Feliciano at least a miniscule sense that he was helping Lovino to keep what remained of their little family together. To his disappointment, Lovino shot the idea down immediately. Upset and frustrated, mostly at his own inability to help his fratello, Feliciano dropped the matter, though he continued to seek out job opportunities whenever Lovino went to work. On one of his many walks around town, he stumbled on a small apartment complex. Though the building was practically falling apart, Feliciano found himself attracted not by the apartment itself, but by the many restaurants and clubs around it.

For the next year, as Lovino would go to work, Feliciano would head out in search of work. After many rejections, he came to the doors of the Thorny Rose, where he finally found employment. The club demanded night hours, and at first Feliciano thought he would not be able to accept the job. But his fratello had begun to work at night, and so he knew there was little chance of Lovino finding out about his job. After a few weeks at his job, he had scraped enough money together to afford one of the small apartments close to the club. He feared breaking the news to Lovino that he was moving out, but after a small verbal fight (the subject of which Feliciano has long since forgotten) occurred on his arrival home, he was able to move away with only a little guilt over not telling Lovino where he was going.

Currently, he works at the Thorny Rose as the head chef. He is loved by his fellow workers, but Feliciano himself is a bit terrified of Arthur and his notorious mood swings. He knows that Lovino knows he works there, and though he senses his fratello still does not approve of his choice, he also knows Lovino still loves him and wants the best for him. He sees Lovino from time to time in the club, though he has never worked up the courage to approach him and talk to him about his new life.

Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc): most everything, really. If you're not sure, just ask~

Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc): non-con, shota, hardcore BDSM (because Feli's a bit terrified of stuff like that)
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Feliciano Vargas - Chef
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