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 Feliciano - Younger, Spoiled Noble of the Vargas' Family

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Feliciano Vargas


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PostSubject: Feliciano - Younger, Spoiled Noble of the Vargas' Family   Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:26 am

Character Name: Feliciano 'Veneziano' Vargas

Age: 18


Feliciano will not leave his home, unless he is wearing the best clothing that money (and special tailors) can offer. From his head to his toes, he must be dressed in the finest. This usually consists of a custom-tailored shirt, coat, breeches, and either boots or shoes depending on the occasion. He can afford colored fabric, and favors blues for himself. He keeps his hair washed and neatly trimmed, save for one errant curl that seems to stick out to the side no matter what he tries to do with it.

He will never wear a hat, though he might wear a headscarf should he need to cover his hair. Hats make him feel uncomfortable, and generally remind him of pirates. He does not wear extravagant jewelry (such as earrings or chains), though he will wear decorative pieces (jewels on his lapel, etc.) if he feels the occasion calls for it. Primarily though, he focuses on flaunting his riches through the things he buys for others. He carries rather large amounts of money on his person, though they are always tucked away in smaller amounts in pouches in various places.

When he is at home, not entertaining company, Feliciano's outfits vary on how lazy he is that day. If he is feeling rather uninspired, he will wear simple breeches and a plain shirt. If he is painting, or immersed in one of his projects, he will wear one of his older, often paint-splattered pairs of shirts and breeches. If he is exceedingly lazy and knows he will not be seeing anyone else, he will strip down to the very basics, sometimes forgoing even a shirt. However, whenever he is in the public eye (or not with only his brother), he will wear extravagant but simple clothing.

Position aboard the ship: Not part of a ship. Feliciano is a noble who resides in the Port with the Vargas Family.

Sexuality: He acts straight, in order to keep the Vargas' name. But he does occasionally (in secret) show interest in men. He is not quite sure though, as he has never pursued a relationship with either.


Though on the surface, Feliciano could be easily described as charming and friendly, he is still a rather typical noble. Raised in riches and rather spoiled, Feliciano is quite used to getting his way. Though he'd much prefer to smile and simply receive whatever he wants, he's not above whining or even crying if the situation calls for it. He is a rather natural charmer though, particularly with the pretty ladies. He'll rather foolishly spend his money on trinkets or baubles, either to impress a lady or because they attract his attention. Since the things he often does do not require a lot of concentration, he is easily distracted, particularly by pretty things.

Though he might seem rather shallow on the surface, Feliciano does do what he does because he genuinely wants to make the other person happy. He likes to see people smile, and if dropping a few sums of coins here and there to accomplish that is what it takes, he will not hesitate to do it. However, he is picky about the people he will do such things for, though his 'requirements' (read: nice to him, enjoys his company, etc.) for being such a person are not too difficult for anyone to fulfill if they try hard enough. Though he spends quite a bit of time around other people, he is not always the best at realizing when people just want to spend time with him for his money or name rather than because they actually like him.

Because he spends his time mostly lazing or doing the things he likes, he is terrible at everyday tasks. He is rather klutzy and messy, simply because he is used to not really lifting a hand to do things for himself. However, he is almost the opposite when it comes to painting or drawing. He can immerse himself in a project for hours, even days, simply because art holds his interest. He is rather picky about the activities he involves himself in, and if he cannot find some genuine merit in participating, he simply won't do it. He is extremely picky about his personal appearance, though this also goes out the window when he is painting or pursuing one of his many whims.

He is easily frightened, particularly by the pirates in the area. If confronted, he would rather run than try to work anything out, and if he is cornered, he'd rather attempt to bribe them away than anything else. Despite his fears, he rarely if ever actually takes an escort with him...or tends to lose said escort in his enthusiasm to visit the many shops in the Port. Thanks to his father and brother, he has minimal knowledge of ships and trade, but in comparison to Lovino, he knows next to nothing on the subject.


Born the second son of the Vargas' family, Feliciano 'Veneziano' Vargas became the second heir to one of the richest families of his time. In his early childhood, his parents doted on him, sparing no expense for their son, from his clothes to the very tableware he ate from. If infant Feliciano wanted something, all he had to do was 'ask'. Any whim of his was instantly granted, and so the child found himself surrounded by lavish goods and fine company. His biggest want was to spend time with his older brother, Lovino, and his parents allowed the two children to share their youngest years together in relative ease.

As Feliciano reached the age of five, he began to study under private tutors. He was taught geography, history, mathematics, language, etiquette, art, and many other courses to prepare him for his eventual role as an important member of society. However, his tutors soon found that Feliciano did not have a head for facts and figures. They would cease teaching him when the younger Vargas would cry, fearing that his parents would ruin them. Instead, they would allow him to draw, or paint, or simply sleep his time away. Feliciano's parents were well aware of their son's lack of academic intelligence, but since he was not the first heir to the Vargas' fortune, they did not pressure him or force him to learn. Instead, they turned all of their pressure onto Lovino, thus leaving Feliciano to continue his carefree and spoiled way of life.

In his early teenage years, Feliciano's mother passed away, leaving their father to continue raising them and grooming them to carry on the Vargas' name. His father began to insist that Lovino join him on his trips to the Port, which often resulted in family disputes. Feliciano, fearing being left alone without his best friend and brother, often whined and complained until their father relented and allowed him to accompany them. However, he found the small shops and the people in the Port far more fascinating than the ships and boring talk of trade. He would often wander off on his own, taking his money and buying expensive (and rather pointless) trinkets for his brother and for their father.

He hasn't changed much since then, though he does make an effort to spend more time with his brother. His few talents reside in the art, charming women, and being social...though he can be a handful if he doesn't get his way.
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Feliciano - Younger, Spoiled Noble of the Vargas' Family
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