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 Sweet Lil' Hungary <3

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PostSubject: Sweet Lil' Hungary <3   Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:12 pm

Name: Elizaveta Héderváry. I also go by Veta.

Age: I'm approximately a few centuries old - to be exact nearly 200 (it'll be 200 exactly this upcoming month.) However, I appear 18 to the world.

While I look the innocent young school-girl, I've proudly acquired the title of being one of the most severe and violent serial killers in decades.

Species: Vampire

Doesn't really have one, kind of asexual. She's learning more and more, however, that she enjoys the company of male vampires; as well as the taste of male humans - denial on her part comes into play here for both discoveries.

Personality: She is a dark and cold soul - there is nothing but death and carnage in her mind. Traumatized by her human childhood, she believes there is nothing but hate in the world; that love is nothing more but a toy, a fantasy, a lie. Secretly however, she dreams of tasting what love really is - she's not entirely bent on achieving this goal however, because at the moment her loving satisfaction comes from the savage murder of humans; and the taste of their blood.

She is absolutely terrified of Hunters - where she may enjoy bringing humans to Death's doorstep, she is not keen on meeting the entity herself. She is also a loud and obnoxious creature, staying quiet only when she's stalking 'prey', as she calls them. As stated in her 'Sexuality' post, she enjoys spending her leisure time - when not torturing humans or exploring - with male vampires; she enjoys their nature and perspective on things, which soothes her own racing energy occasionally. In fact, she's not too keen on being solitary for long amounts of time.

If you look deep down into Elizaveta's soul, you'll discover a passion for singing. At night, she sings in the highest branches of trees, her voice drawing in the animals of the night. The songs she sing are devoid of imperfection - each note is absolutely angelic, a bit ironic seeing that such sounds come from a blood-sucking demon. However, she'd never give up singing for the world - she'd never admit it, but it is the only other thing - besides spending her time with other vampires - that brings her joy

Background: As a human, she was beat repetitively by her parents; she was even cut with knives. This lasted for years, from the young age of 5 to the mature number of 18. In a desperate attempt to escape them, she ran away; blood, bruises, scrapes and long lacerations lined her body as she left, hoping to outrun death, pain, and fear for good. And when she met the man on the road, she practically threw herself at him, asking him for help, for release. For him to take her away. She never saw the smile that crawled along his face at her asking for such a thing, never realized the hand stroking her hand hid a demonic beast inside.

We all know what happens after that.
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Kiku Honda
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Lil' Hungary <3   Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:14 pm

Ooooh, you'll either hate Kiku's guts in this AU, or you'll want to torture him~ (*shot for pushing muse into the forest like that*)

If there's ever an RP you'd like to do, I'd love to RP with you~
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Sweet Lil' Hungary <3
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