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 NPC Plotting Thread

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PostSubject: NPC Plotting Thread   NPC Plotting Thread I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 07, 2013 11:33 pm

So, here's the basics of the NPC for this AU~ (Note: The 'Council', 'Missions', and 'Hunters' portions in quotes were taken from the 'About the Realm' section of this AU and copied here for easy reference ^^)

The NPC is a representative of, but not limited to:

The Council

Quote :
The Council consists of five members, varying in genders and opinions. The Council consists strictly of humans, and refuses applications by vampires and werewolves in fear of political corruption. The Council changes two of its members every two years, based on the current needs of the city it governs. Currently, the Council is highly divided on how to handle the vampire and werewolf population, and relies on the Hunters to keep them in check until an agreement can be reached.

The Council will assign Missions for the Hunters (more specifics below)

So far, the plot points concerning the Council are:
- Initiating the Missions (Mission: Forest Patrol) and 'State of Emergency'
- Three deaths (two killed, one in critical condition) in the Council force early re-elections, bringing to the front heavy anti-vampire/werewolf council member candidates.
- New Council creates fear campaigns, as well as makes negotiating terms difficult for the vampires.


Quote :
The Council may at times issue missions, declaring things such as states of emergency, or calling the Hunters to help them. These may be heeded or ignored, and the Council will act accordingly. The Mission will be aborted if enough time has passed or if the Council no longer feels there is a need for it. (All posts concerning the Missions, such as players who will join or who will be impacted, will be plotted out in the Plot Central board before the RP takes place.)

So far, the Missions to be issued by the Council are:
- Hunters will patrol into the forest (Mission: Forest Patrol) in order to determine the city's level of safety.
- A 'State of Emergency' will be declared after 'several vampires' are discovered to be in the area.
- Recruitment of 'all able-bodied humans' (note: no vampires/werewolves would be allowed to join, unless heavily disguised) to be trained to fight.
- Second 'State of Emergency' declared by the new Council, forcing blood rations in the city as well as restrictions on hunting in the forest.

The Hunters

Quote :
The Hunters are an organization formed under the Council. They are trained and highly skilled fighters that are sent on missions with various objectives. They do not necessarily all have to be humans, though a large number are. Depending on the ruling Council in the area, Hunters' jobs range from simply keeping order to actually exterminating the vampires and/or werewolves in the area. While the Council funds the Hunters, it does not always keep a close eye on their ranks. There are rumors that corrupt Hunters, often times glory-seeking fighters, will go out on their own and spread their own version of justice to the vampires and werewolves.

There are also Hunters that sympathize with the vampires and werewolves, and who utilize their small positions of power to try to find alternatives for the vampires and werewolves. Their ideas are not always well received by the Council, and so alternatives are slow in coming.

So far, the plot points concerning the Hunters are:
- The Hunters routinely patrol the area
- Due to an assignment by the Council, they conduct several patrols (Mission: Forest Patrol) into the forest and discover several vampires.
- After the re-election, the more prominent anti-vampire/werewolf Hunters rise into positions of power, and use their newest recruits to enforce the heavy restrictions on the vampires/werewolves.
- In group fighting occurs (this would happen if anyone in the Hunters happens to be a vampire, or a werewolf. The more zealous of the anti-vampire/werewolf groups might turn on them. We don't have any at present, but it's a possible point in the future).

The NPC may also play other roles, such as a Vampire Elder, or represent an Alpha Male in a pack of Werewolves for short periods of time, or for the purposes of helping to gather support or demonstrate another POV. In general though, the NPC will work to move the plot points listed above, by initiating RPs in the threads and being prepared to alter plans in response to whatever the RPers post.

If you'd like to add a plot point, or to have the NPC post in a thread of yours as something specific (e.g. Hunter, Council Member, etc.), just post below and we can plot, or send the account a PM.
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PostSubject: Re: NPC Plotting Thread   NPC Plotting Thread I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 07, 2013 11:42 pm

(Drive by updates this~ Sorry it's so long...just wanted to make sure all the info we've talked about so far is there. The patrols were going to discover Lovi's mansion, as long as that was all right with everyone. Also, naturally if response to an event is low or people all rebel against it (e.g. no human joins the Hunters when they go on their recruitment spree), obviously plot points will have to be altered (e.g. instead of 'having loads of people to go on patrols', it will be more like 'The Hunters try anyway' or something). Just know as secret plotter admin/NPC helper, I'll always talk to everyone as the plots progress, and modify things as we go along. So don't panic--nothing's set in permanent stone...but this gives us an epic direction in which to go and gives you guys a sneak peek at what's coming so you can adequately prepare for epic confrontation >D)
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NPC Plotting Thread
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