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 Well...this is nice.

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PostSubject: Well...this is nice.    Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:48 pm

I threw my bag onto the bed, face-planting myself into the blankets nearly immediately. With a well-practiced groan, I fingered the pillow, thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong with me being here.

Sure - the World Academy was nice. It was also big. Like...really big. And I didn't do too well with big things; especially big places. I mean, it was like an invitation for me to get lost. Sighing, I flipped over, squeezing the pillow behind me and biting my lip. This would be easy - I'd make some friends, get work done, sleep when I wanted...

It would be much better than living with my aunt.

I looked down, fingering my violin case. I itched to take the instrument and play it; use it to make music, to envelop this dorm, to make my heart soar...but I didn't. It wasn't the time - not yet.

So I promptly grabbed a book, curled up against the headboard and started reading. "This...is nice."

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Well...this is nice.
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