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 Gilbert Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:03 pm

Your E-Mail: ice_creamiesundae@hotmail.com

Human name: Gilbert Beilschmidt

Country's name: Prussia

Personality section:

Gilbert, if asked to describe himself, would summarise himself in one word: Awesome. On the surface, he appears to be someone whose ego is completely out of everyone's league. Nobody can beat his ego or huge amounts of self esteem. Loud, obnoxious proclaimations of how awesome and amazing and great he is, singing praises of himself to the high heavens... That's how most people would view him on first impression.

There is more to him than that meets the eye. The whole 'awesome me' outlook on life is just how he deals with situations and people. Not that his self esteem is horrible though. It is in fact pretty good. He just doesn't realise that it sometimes rubs on people the wrong way. He is an optimist, living out the 'glass half-full' life. Years of battle, politics and living have made him a hardened warrior of life, being able to bounce back despite the situation. Although there are definitely times he would give up hope and fall into depression; he is human after all.

He is also a people person, the extrovert. Spontaneity and approaching people is very natural to him, but getting along is something else altogether. But once someone becomes his friend, he can be very loyal and slightly protective of them, but never overbearing. If one is related to him, they will find themselves slightly smothered with his affection. He can be pretty relaxed and carefree, but when the situation calls for it he can be as serious as he wants to be. When he wants to be really serious about something you can be pretty darn sure he'll be serious about it.

Gilbert is a follower of the rules, only when they suit him though. He enjoys his freedom, and the last thing he wants to be is part of a controlling system. He tends to march to his own tempo most of the time as well, and is a little stubborn about it, but with sufficient persuasion he can and will attempt to change. Sometimes he may invade people's personal space, but it is only for the people he knows well enough and consider as friend to do so. He does sometimes have a little 'bully' mentality when doing this sort of thing, but he will not go too far with it.

Roleplay sample:

Gilbert let out a low groan as his eyelids cracked open. His head was still throbbing, and he let out a hiss at the sunlight, quickly pulling the covers back on himself again. Wait. Covers...? He didn't remember actually walking home from the bar last night, but then again everything that happened the night before was still a blur. And trying to remember what had happened hurt his head even more.

Maybe... maybe just a little more sleep would help this, he thought to himself. He closed his eyes and attempted to fall asleep again. Tossing and turning didn't help, it only worsened the hangover he'd managed to get. How much did he drink again? His tolerance for alcohol was good, so how much did he drink before getting himself into this state.

Hazy memories of last night drifted in his head. Lots of people... Was it a drinking contest? It was likely, but everything was still so fuzzy and unclear. He let out another groan, unable to fall asleep. He tossed the covers off himself, narrowing his eyes and avoided looking at the window. Bright light was bad in this sort of situations.

And now there was a new distraction: The smell of food had somehow drifted into the room. Someone was making breakfast. He smelled pancakes, bacon... He licked his lips; Breakfast would be great in this sort of situation, yes. He stumbled out of the bed and started to make his way to the source of food.

Anything Else?:
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Kiku Honda
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PostSubject: Re: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:09 pm

*bows deeply* It is with great pleasure that I humbly accept your awesomeness to the board! Welcome to HUE! We are proud to have you join our ensemble! I really enjoyed reading your application, especially your personality section for Gilbert ^_^

Now that you are one of us, you can post an introduction for yourself in the Introduction board. You may also add a user pic/avatar of your character to your profile. Once you've done that, you can start peeking around at the AUs and begin working on your character profiles and plotting~

If you have any questions or ever need help, feel free to message either myself or Arthur. Again, welcome~! ^_^
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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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