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 Gilbert Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:05 am

Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt

Age: 20

Year: 2nd

Ruffled and slightly messy white hair, narrow crimson eyes, pale skin... His own features already set him apart from the crowd, being born an albino. Slightly tall and lean, he usually has some form of grin or smirk on his face. He also dons a red hoodie over his usual attire (or the school's issued uniform) He does wear glasses to help him see sometimes, and these are rectangular red framed plastic ones.


Gilbert is interested in the music sector, therefore majoring in it, although he does take some other random classes due to interest like photography and some IT classes.

Major: Music

- Music writing and composition
- Electronic Music
- Music History
- Music Skills
- Photography
- Computer Skills
- History

Extracurricular Activities:
He usually secretly practises music on his own in one of the school's empty practice rooms in his free time, but he does occasionally go look at other clubs. He isn't really a member of any club though.

Pansexual, he likes who he likes even though he leans a little more toward the ladies. But that does not mean he does not like males either. Personality is more important to him, or how awesome the other party is in his books.

Gilbert has a huge ego, and it applies to everything. All his compositions are 'awesome', and so is his playing. Sometimes it hinders people in giving him critique as well, and his slightly stubborn nature makes it difficult for him to accept that some things aren't as great as they could be. But when given enough reason, he will accept it eventually and work for the better. Though he does know he needs to work on his singing a whole lot.

His loud mouth and slightly rash and irrational behaviour also give the impression that he isn't the brightest of the lot, but he actually is. He is a quick learner, though it is mostly the matter of how hard-working he can be. With things that are actually his passion though, he can work really hard at them to be the best he can be. He is also really friendly, and will usually approach people who interest him. He can be a loyal friend, though sometimes a little annoying since he usually likes to talk about himself half the time. He does occasionally break rules to pull a prank or just to cause trouble here and there, but he usually gets out of it somehow due to his spontaneity.

Gilbert comes from a background where achievements are important. His father is a strict man, always wanting him to do well academically. Because Gilbert was an intelligent child, he tried his best to please his father. But his father was not always satisfied, and Gilbert started to grow up not liking the stifling lifestyle he had. Everything was about achieving the best, and he had absolutely no time to do the things he wanted.

Due to this, he did go through a rebellious stage, and nearly changed for the worse. However, he was introduced to learning music, and started learning the guitar. After a long heart to heart talk with his father, which he had been ignoring for some time due to his rebellious stage, he decided to go major in Music. He slowly picked up the piano again, which was something he was forced into when younger. He started working hard again, and finally managed to get accepted into the World Academy, which was probably one of the first achievements he was actually proud of. He plans on pursuing his music studies and hopes to either be a music composer/songwriter or musician.
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PostSubject: Re: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:14 am

Congratulations on your acceptance into World Academy (WC)! You can find your assigned dorm [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. If you would like to request a dorm swap, you'll have to take it up with the Student Council (or PM an admin~) We hope you will enjoy your experience here~
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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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