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 Black Rose Plotting

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Arthur Kirkland
Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Black Rose Plotting   Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:53 pm

Right! So, putting this plotting thread up here (and totally not copying the White Lotus because we are totally the cool kids here and not copycats *shot*) so that the Black Rose's crew can get some ideas set and in motion~

For the sake of continuity, I want to go ahead and post here the timeline that Kiku thought up for White Lotus.
Quote :
1. Kiku stows away on Yao's ship. Kiku is 10. Yao is 21
2. Yao and Kiku travel to sell spices/goods in India/Middle East (so away from the Port). This takes about 3-4 years. Kiku is then 13-14, Yao is 24-25
3. Kiku becomes Yao's official first mate at 16. Yao is 26-27.
4. Lovino (age 16-17) is kidnapped off the Port. (This means Feli will have to be kidnapped first)
5. Yao becomes sick. Yao is 28 (?), Kiku is 17, and Lovino is 17
6. 'Present ages' (Yao 30, Kiku 19, Lovi 19) = possible epic battles with brow's ship or something epic like that~

So far the only RP that takes place on the Black Rose is On Stormy Seas, which takes place about a year after Matthew is captured aboard BR and becomes the navigator. The eventuality for this RP is for the BR to be temporarily marooned on an island while repairs are made to the hull. What I want to know, then, is whether it makes more sense for Feli to be captured when they've made it back to the port after this event (because they need to replenish supplies/lost crew) or for him to have already been on the ship when the storm takes place.

I think it makes a little more sense for the former to be the case, seeing as it would give Arthur a reason to kidnap Feli (not that pirates need a reason for anything, really XD).

So then, so far the timeline is something like this:

1. Matthew is captured aboard Arthur's ship. Matthew is 14, Arthur is about 22.
2. The storm hits and BR is beached on an island (Matthew 15-16, Arthur 23-24). Repairs take about two years. This puts Matthew at 17-18 and Arthur at 25-26 at the time they leave the island.
3. BR returns to the port to replenish supplies and crew lost in the storm. Feliciano, age 15-16, is kidnapped.
4. 'Present ages'; Arthur 28, Matthew 20, Feli 18. Epic battles with the White Lotus have been suggested~

Feel free to berate me if any of that is horribly off ^^'

Anyway, my next question to Feli is this: How would you like to be kidnapped? Ahahaha, your own question coming back to bite you~~
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Feliciano Vargas

Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Black Rose Plotting   Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:09 pm

Ahaha, you think I came unprepared for this? Well you'd be right, at least this time since I literally just rolled out of bed!

That timeline makes perfect sense to me! Man that Kiku is so organized *shot*

I mean, the one for this ship looks magnificent! I agree that I should be captured after you return to Port for supplies/for lost crew. Feli is prone to wandering the Port unescorted, and he tends to dress as though he's rich...so aside for possible money/ransom he doesn't have many more uses (though he'll discover he cooks well, or enjoys sleeping in the crow's nest *shot*)
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Black Rose Plotting
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