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 Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy   Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:08 pm

Your E-Mail: not-a-banana@live.com

Human name: Francis Bonnefoy (Pronounced Fran-cease Bon-eh-fwa)

Country's name: France

Personality section: Not much is known about Francis’ past – he was born in Gaul and constantly engaged in battle with both Germania and Rome. When Rome took over, he ceased to grow for awhile until finally the Domain of Soissons fell to the Franks in 486 AD. He often played with a young Britain in peacetime.

Currently he’s lost his previous knack for fighting and has instead taken up a love of culture – his particular talents lie in cooking, art, fashion, music, farming, and lovemaking. He appreciates all kinds of beauty – male or female, wide or thin, black or white. He takes a keen interest in the unique personalities of each individual and always finds something to love about everyone (this very much so includes himself).

In conversation he is loud and affectionate, often breaking the touch barrier at every chance he can get but ensuring that the other party is comfortable with any contact – if one responds well, he’ll increase his advances, however he believes friendship is just as strong as any other kind of love.

Though he has a strong social life, often spending nights partying or having private one-on-one dates, he enjoys his solitude to the fullest with a good book and a quiet evening with a glass of the finest wine. His tastes are fancy at the least, a trait which often makes him appear stuck-up. Much to the contrary though, his strong agricultural economy ensures he’s not afraid to get down and dirty when necessary.

He considers himself pansexual and polyamorous, holding a strong belief that the entire world should just love one another.

Roleplay sample: Francis Bonnefoy awoke to the sound of his rooster crowing, squinting as the sun filtered in through the cracks in his curtain. Le coq gaulois was as on time as ever: every morning, right at the crack of dawn his national bird cocorico’d loud enough to wake the entire country – literally. Although the Gallic rooster wasn’t nearly as majestic as the eagle nor as graceful as the swan, Francis found it had its own unique beauty, greeting the light each day with such a fierce cry.

He sat up slowly, wincing at the sound of his back cracking. He would have to get a new mattress some point soon, this one had been severely worn out by his…”nightly activities”. The covers slipped from his waist, revealing his naked form as he stood up. One of the maids could walk in any minute but he paid no mind to the ajar door at the other side of the room – if he couldn’t be comfortably nude in his own house, how was he supposed to be comfortably nude in other’s homes? Besides, Francis had nothing to hide. His workers had seen it all before. And there was quite a lot to see. Francis’ body was the picturesque view of perfection, and any amount of humility meant covering up that exquisiteness.

He stretched, grimacing as his rooster continued with its obnoxious cackling, finally strolling over to the window and throwing it open.

“Coq! Tais toi! You ‘ave made your point! Mon dieu…” He sighed, putting a hand to his head. It seemed big brother had a bit too much wine last night…typical after a day of bar hopping with Gilbert and Antonio. It was a shame everyone he chatted up with was taken…he could have woken up with a belle personne in his arms. Or perhaps two, if the participants were up for it~

He decked himself out in a frilly white blouse, placing an elegant vest over top and squeezing himself into a pair of tight purple pants, choosing not to wear underwear today in the high chance that someone would get a good look at him today and decide they wanted to see more. He grinned at himself in the mirror, gently combing out his long blonde locks before neatly tying them back in a blue scrunchy. “Tres bien! Magnifique!” He winked at his dazzling self before flitting out of the room, eager to get the day started with a homemade breakfast.

Anything Else?: Aaah, I miss ‘aving tea wiz little Angleterre in 'is Queen’s garden…it was…’ow you Americans say…awesome~
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Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy   Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:28 pm

*sniffles and cries and loves* (Can I hug you, please? D: )

Of course, it is an honor to accept you to our board. Welcome to our humble ensemble! I applaud you for your wonderful application!

Now that you have been accepted, you can post an introduction for yourself in the Introduction section, and then you can begin to take a look around at the various AUs we have. Once you've found a few you like, you can begin work on your character profiles...and then joining in with the plotting!

Looking forward to RPing with you (as well as general glomps and the like, of course) ^_^
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Arthur Kirkland
Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Re: Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy   Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:21 pm

Tch... Put it away, frog. No one wants to see all that hair first thing in the morning.

((Oh my god. Can I just.... Just.... *glomps* Yes. Yes good. Okay.

Skidding in (late ugh) to welcome you to the forum and to say that I can't wait to RP with you~~! Arthur thinks otherwise, of course, but methinks the Brit dost protest too much))
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Tino Väinämöinen

Tino Väinämöinen

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PostSubject: Re: Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy   Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:29 pm

Oh whoops~ ^^; I didn't see this before!

Welcome!! I can't wait to RP with you! I hope you like it here. I certainly do!
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PostSubject: Re: Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy   

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Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy
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