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 After Hours (Open)

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PostSubject: After Hours (Open)   After Hours (Open) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 1:56 pm

Rain pounded heavily against the windows, throwing little bombs against the glass. The spattering slowly intensified as her pencil scratched anxiously against her notebook; eyes focused relentlessly on the words she scribbled, hair falling ungraciously as her head pounded - the neverending slam of the headache in her temples was slowly growing in tempo, pressing her onto gritting her teeth and leaning back, holding her head and moaning. Either it was the German she was trying to write or the getting-worse cold she had acquired that was giving her this bad of a headache. "How did I convince myself into this...?" she muttered, closing her eyes and breathing through her nose.

She currently had a lovely little D in her German class - and it was dropping by the day. While she hadn't necessarily planned on majoring in German - nor did she want to - she thought it best to have at least all of her classes to at least B's; a small but somewhat foreseeable future. At least, that had been her goal - especially when she had seen her letter mark in the class drop from a good sturdy C to a D in nearly minutes; now, as she sat in the German classroom, eyes scanning the poster-filled walls for inspiration, she started realizing what a futile goal that actually was. The language wasn't necessarily easy, to say the least, and worse than that was the stress of her other classes slowly sinking below the waves as well.

Gripping her hair in her hands, she groaned, slamming a fist onto the table and returning her gaze to the notebook - scribbled German lay everywhere, their letters blending together like blurred images she couldn't focus on, no matter what she tried. She normally would have pulled her professor over to her table to have him help a little - put out some guidelines, maybe refresh her memory on what some words meant... But no - no, he had left ages ago, apparently to grab a snack. His comforting words uttered nearly an hour and a half ago still sang through her head.

"I'll be back in a few. Hang tight till then."

Hang tight? She was barely holding on with a finger. "Ugh, there must be someway I can do this..." she hissed once more to herself, glancing out the now raging thunderstorm outside. Her attention once more flitted back to her notebook and, once more, she grabbed her pencil and began quickly scribbling down as many words and sentences as possible, trying to form the most sensible paragraph that she could think up at that time.

Above her, the lights flickered - dangerously so. In fact, she raised her head, watching the light-bulbs as they considered switching on and off. Off. On. Off. On. Just like that; it lasted for a good five minutes too - and for a moment she was sure that the lights would stay on - that maybe it had just been a gale that had swept on by, messing with the electrical wires outside; she believed that hope, that is, until the lights flicked off. And this time, they didn't switch back on. So she sat there, tapping her pencil on the notebook nervously. Waiting. Hoping. Watching the lights still, waiting for that comforting glow to come back on. Waiting for the reassuring illumination.

She waited five minutes. Ten. Fifteen. Still watching. And it wasn't until it had been a good twenty minutes that she slammed her hand onto the table again, head still reeling. "Well...this sucks."
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After Hours (Open)
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