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 Anabel Peeters

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Anabel Peeters

Anabel Peeters

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PostSubject: Anabel Peeters   Anabel Peeters I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 03, 2013 5:15 pm

Character Name: Anabel Peeters

Age: 24

Appearance: Blonde wavy hair that stops right above her shoulders, a single streak of light pink framing her face on the left. Her eyes are a vibrant green with an almost golden glint in them. She has a tribal-style butterfly tattoo around her belly button and a black vine around her right upper arm, complete with little buds and a rose in the center.

Customer or Club Employee?: Employee

If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?: Performer but she also is in charge of costumes and props

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Bubbly and hard working. She wants to make sure that everyone is happy and will do what she can to ensure that. She tends to be flirty, though she might not always realize it. She's always willing to help out, even if its not necessarily part of her job.

Background: Anabel had always been into designing, particularly for costumes and clothing. Someone she knew suggested she try getting a job at a well known club to get some experience for making costumes and clothing for more than just herself so she could become better with different sizes and designs. Getting the job on behalf of her designing and sewing abilities, she started work happily, not minding what sort of clothing it was she was making. It was certainly different that she had expected, but it was still fun. The designing led her to make her own costume for herself, though she had no experience with things like this. After a talk with the manager, she took lessons and joined the others on stage, though she continues to work with costumes and props.

Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc): Anabel is okay with most things and is most likely willing to try something before deciding whether she would do it again or not.

Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc): Anabel does have her limits of course. She doesn't accept non-con or rape play as well as anything that might cause her actual injuries.
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Anabel Peeters
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