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 Seven Seas Timeline

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PostSubject: Seven Seas Timeline   Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:51 am

This is an attempt to organize in some sort of order the events taking place in the realm. This is partially for the current Captains, their crews, and those already in the AU to know where in the timeline we are, but also to allow for other plans to be made for the future.

Feel free to point out mistakes, make suggestions for alteration/clarification/etc. This timeline will be frequently updated as more RPers/ships/crews/port folk/etc. join our ranks.

The titles of the RPs will be updated to hold actual links to the RPs.

(Working on the organization of this...since right now it's a bit disorganized/difficult to follow)



- White Lotus Plots/RPs
- Black Rose Plots/RPs
- Port Plots/RPs
- ==Event== - A mention of something important (taken usually from character profiles), or an event that has yet to happen (if it will happen as something more than a mention)


((RPs taking place as backstory, or RPs taking place that occur before the age (considered the present age) specified in the Character Profiles of the RPers))

All Over the Eastern Teas
- Kiku stows away on Yao's ship. Kiku is 10. Yao is 21

- Lili is sold into slavery at age 10(?)

- Yao and Kiku travel to sell spices/goods in India/Middle East (so away from the Port). This takes about 3-4 years. Kiku is then 13-14, Yao is 24-25

The Candle Road Inn
- An inn run by Anabel. Lovi is 14, Lili is 10-11, Anabel is 19

- Kiku becomes Yao's official first mate at 16. Yao is 26-27.

Random Happenstance
- Kiku meets Lili for the first time while on shore leave from Yao's ship. Kiku is 16, Lili is 12

- BR returns to the port to replenish supplies and crew. Feliciano, age 15, is kidnapped.

- Lovino (age 16-17) is kidnapped off the Port by Yao and Kiku.

- Yao becomes sick. Yao is 28, Kiku is 17, and Lovino is 17


- Present ages of the White Lotus crew: Yao 30, Kiku 19, Lovi 19
- Present ages of the Black Rose crew: Arthur 28, Feli 18.
- Present ages of those living in the port: Anabel 24, Lili 15
- Present ages of those persons with unknown whereabouts: Leon 25


Meeting between Lili, Lovino, and Feliciano
- This is still in the plotting stages, but will likely happen before Feli's kidnapping.
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Seven Seas Timeline
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