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 Natalia Arlovskaya

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Natalia Arlovskaya

Natalia Arlovskaya

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PostSubject: Natalia Arlovskaya   Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:44 pm

Character Name: Natalia Arlovskaya

Age: 19

Appearance: She has long platinum blonde hair that's usually tied up in a bun and icy blue eyes. She is usually wearing a dress of some sort, never above her knees and usually navy or black, along with white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes.

Mutant Abilities: Her hair is sentient and acts like it has a mind of its own, hence why she has it tied up most of the time, though it can come out of the bun if determined enough. It can come together and become stronger than steel and incredibly sharp and be used as blades. As a result, she is unable to cut her hair. In addition to this, she has the ability to temporarily paralyse people with a glare. Depending on the strength of her anger at the moment, it can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Conversely, it can happen even without her meaning to. It can only be achieved through eye contact, though sunglasses can lessen the effects to even make it ineffectual and reflections strengthen the power of it, such as with a mirror or water.

Where Do You Stand?: She works for an international law enforcement organization

Mutant/Brotherhood Code Name: Gorgon

Sexuality: She doesn't think on this too much, but if someone were to strike her fancy, gender doesn't matter

Personality: She's not a very social person, but sometimes she is forced to deal with people and in those cases, while she is brusque and not very friendly, she is not outright rude and will humor conversations.

Background: Natalia had known about her power almost her entire life, since age 5, when her mother tried to give her a haircut and instead her hair retaliated and cut her. Because of this, she was immediately sent to a home for mutant children. This was back in Belarus and at the time, because of the Chernobyl incident, more children were being born with mutations, though most were not lucky enough to simply be granted powers. Those who were, however, were usually sent away to homes to be studied by scientists.

At age 16, she was approached by an organisation that was looking for mutants who were willing to join to help fight against those who abused their powers for bad. Jumping at the chance to finally leave the home she hated, she went with them to New York City. At the time, she was given an undercover position as an intern for the UN and even now still works there, getting her assignments from there but also doing some basic diplomatic work.

((If the mention of Chernobyl offends anyone, please let me know and I will take it out))
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Natalia Arlovskaya
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