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 Master Species List

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PostSubject: Master Species List   Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:09 pm

This thread's purpose is to allow for everyone to see the species in the AU, as well as how many of each and who is which. This will be updated as events change. If anything needs corrected, feel free to post here.


All with a (H) after the name are Hunters


- Emil (H)
- Feliciano (H)
- Kiku
- Ludwig (H)
- Lukas
- Tino
- Yekaterina (H)


- Anabel
- Arthur
- Leon*
- Lovino
- Roderich
- Veta (Elizaveta)

*Leon is a human with werewolf blood


- Antonio (Alpha of his pack)
- Mathias
- Nataila (H)
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Master Species List
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