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 An Unusual Solo [Closed]

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An Unusual Solo [Closed] Empty
PostSubject: An Unusual Solo [Closed]   An Unusual Solo [Closed] I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 15, 2013 7:58 pm

Kiku sighed, rubbing his temples and staring down at his textbook. The black and white letters, normally marching across the page in good order, were currently jumbling themselves together and making little sense. He blinked a few times, hoping to clear his vision and bring the words back to order. The trick worked...for another minute. Sighing again, he tore his gaze away from his World History text and glanced to the window. The sunset stained the campus orange, and from his higher vantage point he could see several students walking the brick pathways. No doubt they were enjoying the last few warming rays of the sun, and Kiku found himself longing to join them...or at least step outside of his room. But he had an exam in World History, and so he found his gaze dropping reluctatntly back to the text. Kiku was not a horrible student, far from it, but despite the rumors that he had no need for studying (something about being Asian, which was quite a ridiculous stereotype) and that he spent his time drawing (he did, but for class) or playing video games (he did that too, but not at the expense of his academics).

Still, even after reminding himself he needed to focus, the tet did not become any clearer. 'Perhaps this would not be the case if we were studying a history I knew a little about. Yet we are studying the history of Eastern Europe...' He shook his head, pushing the thoughts aside. Regardless of the origins of the history, he was still expected to know it. He blinked once more, then began to mouth along with the text in the hopes that he would retain a little more. 'The first Prussian uprising was supported by Duke Swietopelk II, Duke of Pomerania. The Prussians were successful at first, reducing the Teutonic Knights to only five of their strongest castles. Conversely, the duke suffered a series of military defeats and was eventually forced to make peace with the Teutonic Knights...'

Kiku shook his head, pushing the book away. He doubted he would retain any of the information he had just read, though his test scores and peers would state otherwise. 'There is simply no way I will be able to remember such facts...not only because they are very unfamiliar but also because I do not quite understand their relevance to the rest of the history we are studying. It is true, they are part of the history of the world, but in modern times the Duchy of Prussia no longer exis--' He winced as a sharp pain shot through his temple. 'Ah...a headache...I never did go to the cafeteria to eat.' With a small smile, he moved to make tea. The hot liquid would at least give him enough energy to either make the trek down to the vending machine (not healthy, but at least it was something) or to break down and cook instant ramen in the microwave (better, but only by small margins).

((The small portion about the Prussian Uprisings was paraphrased from wikipedia *shamed* but for some reason, I enjoy such things XD Also, definitely wanted to give you a chance to let Gil sing from his room before making Kiku say 'Hey what's that?' or something way more intelligent. My sincerest apologies that this took FOREVER to get to *clings to and hopes you'll forgive* D: Also, sorry the title is lame...if you want something else, I can always edit it ^^))
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An Unusual Solo [Closed]
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