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 Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

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Antonio F. Carriedo

Antonio F. Carriedo

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PostSubject: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo   Antonio Fernandez Carriedo I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 4:47 pm

Character Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Age: 28

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Appearance: Let's just say by the end of the night, he's not wearing much. He has short brown wavy hair and alluring green eyes. Antonio has nicely tanned skin and well sculpted body from his daily exercising. His costume varies depending on the act. He wears a red shirt and yellow apron while waiting tables.

Customer or Club Employee?: Employee

If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?: Waiter by day, stripper by night.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Antonio is a very friendly and sociable man. He treats everyone like a friend and makes their happiness his first priority. He has the reputation for being rather oblivious and a little naive, and because of this, he is easy to take advantage of. However, once he gets in the mood for romance, he is very passionate and amorous.

Background: Antonio has always loved to dance. From the time he was young, he took dance classes in everything from flamenco to hip hop. Some of his favorite dances are the salsa and tango, but he has never had a solid partner stick with him for more than a few months since he is difficult to keep up with. He gave up the more “practical” subjects his parents encouraged him to take in order to pursue a career in the performing arts. His family was very poor, but a wealthy benefactor named Mr. Vargas recognized Antonio’s talent and offered him a full-ride scholarship to a dance academy in England. Antonio was only too happy to accept. When he graduated, however, he met with the discouraging reality that there were not many positions open for a young dancer with no professional experience. He struggled to find work, taking up odd jobs and serving as a waiter (a job he enjoyed because he liked interacting with people), but deep down, all he wanted to do was get back on stage and the thought that he may never be able to dance professionally secretly made him very depressed. Despite his struggles, he chose to stay in England rather than go back to his parents in Spain as a failure.

It was one afternoon when a certain patron visited the cafe Antonio was working at. The man turned out to be Antonio’s old benefactor who sent him to the dance academy a couple years prior. He was surprised to see Antonio working there, and asked him what had become of his plans to dance. Antonio began to talk to him about it, starting out upbeat and positive, the way he usually did when talking with customers, but as he went on, the heavy weight of the helplessness he felt from having his dream crushed caused him to break down in tears right in front of the table. His boss told him to take a break, and Antonio was surprised when his customer followed him outside and wrapped him in a strong embrace, promising to help him once again. He was speechless when Mr. Vargas offered him the position as an instructor at a dance studio he owned. Antonio quit his job as a waiter and began teaching dancing full-time. He loved it more than anything- practicing his routines and performing in shows with his students while inspiring others to embrace the same passion. Sadly, Antonio’s newfound happiness was not to last. When Antonio’s benefactor suddenly passed away, the young man found the entire dance studio thrust into his hands, as Mr. Vargas had left it all to him in his will. Struck by grief, Antonio struggled to manage the school on his own, feeling totally unprepared and guilty that he had never had the chance to repay his benefactor for all the kindness he had shown him over the years. Slowly his students began to move on, and Antonio was unable promote the studio enough to attract new pupils with the economy in decline. Instead, he began to focus more on his own dancing, finding it the only outlet for all the stress he was under, and soon he was dancing on his own more than teaching. Unsurprisingly, the studio was unable to stay in business, and Antonio was forced to close it. He looked for work anywhere he could find it, feeling that he was right back to where he started. Antonio became more desperate, borrowing money where he could to get by while he searched for work. He went back to waiting tables for a while, but knew he wouldn’t be happy until he was able to dance again. Then, one day as he was applying for a job in one of the bars in Soho, he noticed the stage. An epiphany struck Antonio, and he realized that he might be able to use his dancing talents here and earn a few tips in the process. He applied as an entertainer and still waits tables during the day for extra cash.  

Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc): Almost anything as long as it’s not too “out there.”

Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc): Shota, incest, anything involving feces or urine...not big on threesomes, either, with a few exceptions. I won’t RP smut with any RPer under 18, so please be honest and respect that, too.

Relationships (WIP):

Francis Bonneyfoy- An old friend of Antonio’s and also his ex-lover. Antonio has fallen out of touch with him recently and has not told him about his dance studio closing.

Lovino Vargas and Feliciano Vargas- The grandsons of Antonio’s old benefactor. He doesn’t realize their connection to Mr. Vargas but appreciates the food Feli feeds him in secret.

Arthur Kirkland- Antonio’s boss at the Thorny Rose. He agrees to let Toni stay in a room on the second floor as long as Toni fixes it up.

Anabel Peeters- Co-worker at the Thorny Rose. She shows him the ropes and helps with his costumes.

[Open position for anyone interested]- One of Antonio's former students who run into him at the Thorny Rose.

(If you want to plot/have a relationship with Antonio, please comment here, on the plot thread, or PM me.)
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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
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