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 Michelle Mancham

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PostSubject: Michelle Mancham   Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:56 pm

Character Name: Michelle Mancham

Age: 16

Appearance: Michelle appears to be part-fish. Human wise, she is relatively normal wearing old rags with brunette hair long enough to cover her chest. She sports two pigtails with a red bow tying up each one. The dark skinned, brown-eyed girl is average height, reaching approximately 1.6m (5’3”). As a fish, her legs are replaced by a dark green fish tail that reaches all the way up to her collar bone. Her skin is replaced by scales and her fingers become webbed. Gils traverse her neck in order to survive underwater. Even after a harsh past, a genuine smile remains on her face.

Mutant Abilities: Michelle can only transform into her part-fish self if plunged under water. She can swim as fast as a shark, and also has the ability to communicate with her aquatic friends. Changing back into a human is also quite simple. Michelle simply has to stay on land for a full hour, as the slow transformation processes. However, she only has 24 hours to stay human until she has to be submerged into water once again. More than once she will be put into jeopardy because of the limited time.

Where Do You Stand? : Michelle is as neutral as can be. She always fears running into another mutant. She is always trying to keep her powers hidden. Nothing scares her more than being caught. Travelling from place to place helps keep her name off of the streets.

Mutant/Brotherhood Code Name: As far as she knows, Michelle does not have a code name.

Sexuality: Pansexual. It’s what’s on the inside that matters most.

Personality: Michelle is an optimistic girl. Everything in the world could have a positive ending, no matter how bad the situation, in the eyes of Michelle. The world is her playground, and she just wants to explore after being held in captivity since childhood. Despite being quiet half of the time, the girl can also be very eccentric. Her imagination will run wild if left on her own (which happens to be very often). She often has her head in the clouds, which contributes to her clumsiness.

Helping others in need was one of her most well spent pass times. She loved to put a smile on a strangers face. Although, interacting with them was quite difficult. Michelle grew up with little social skills, therefore making it hard to communicate. Nonetheless, she tried. Nothing could stop her when she has her heart set on something. Determined and tenacious, Michelle could do anything if she desired to do so.

Background: Michelle was raised on a small island country. Ever since she was born, she was always by the water. Her mother had died giving birth, but her father was still around to “take care” of the young girl. Mr. Mancham had a PHD in biochemical engineering, and had done many experiments. Unfortunately, none of them ever worked, driving him insane. He thought he needed something new to experiment with, and as the little girl was always by his side, he went for it. He was going to test his new hypothesis on his daughter. After a long and tiring process, he was finally done. He had genetically altered his child into a fish when fully underwater. Michelle was only two and a half at the time, not remembering a thing. Mr. Mancham was so pleased with the result.

As time passed, Michelle grew up thinking she was born as she was – a useless creature. Her father was always doing experiments on her, in order to advance his research. One day, after being fed up with living a pointless life, Michelle escaped. She had to get away and never look back. Entering the world as four year old was terrifying – it was all so big and new to her. Alas, she did not get very far as she was soon surrounded by enforcement – by boat and helicopter. Her father must have called them out. But, instead of her being sent back home with her maniac father, she was sent to an institution confinement. Apparently, she was considered a “mutant”. Everything came so fast.

Years after years in the institution, Michelle had been experimented on more times than she could imagine. She was always locked away in a glass room solely filled with water. An aquarium, of sorts. Outside she could see the ocean view, with endless possibilities. Sadly, she was trapped in one place for as long as she was confined. Every day passed by uneventful while the hours ticked away.

As Michelle looked out into the ocean one Tuesday morning, she heard a loud bang and guards yelling. Suddenly her glass container broke and she spilled out onto the floor. A rugged human (or mutant) ran by and broke as many rooms open as he could. Michelle soon realized that this was an escape. She too wanted to be a part of it, as she has had enough of being confined. She tried to crawl down the hallway towards the exit, but with her still having a tail, it was nearly impossible. As she was just about to give up, a scrawny young man came to pick her up and run out with her in his arms. He ran down the hallways along with all the other escaped mutants. The escapees bolted out of the institution like bats out of heck. Everyone wanted to be free. Michelle saw that there weren't any guards guarding the premises- maybe the strong man had taken them out earlier? Everyone ran in separate directions. The boy who was carrying Michelle dropped her in the ocean and quickly ran off to hide from the approaching guards. Who was he? She thought. Nevertheless, she was on her way at last. Time to discover the world.

From then on, Michelle traveled the waters of the world. She saw many new places she had never even heard of. Along the way, she made many fish friends. One dolphin, named Mr. Poisson, stuck by her side. The two made a great pair. Michelle enjoyed her freedom, but she still wondered what ever happened to the boy who rescued her from the institution? She made it her ultimate goal to find the lad and thank him, mutant or not.
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Michelle Mancham
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