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 Yekaterina Braginskaya

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Yekaterina Braginskaya

Yekaterina Braginskaya

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PostSubject: Yekaterina Braginskaya   Yekaterina Braginskaya I_icon_minitimeThu May 09, 2013 3:00 pm

Character Name: Yekaterina ‘Katya’ Braginskaya

Age: 26


Looking at Yekaterina, all you would see is a tall figure with soft curves, a gentle face to match and breasts so large that they distract even the gayest of men. Her eyes are a shade of teal blue, and they always seem to glow with patience, they use to water all the time, but when she arrived in London she discovered she had Epiphora and got it treated -much to her relief. She keeps her blond hair short tied back by hair clips and head bands that change daily.

Katya is taller than many women. At the club she’s normally seen in her bartending uniform which she wears modestly, as she isn’t one of the performers. And while her shirt is buttoned all the way up, more often than not she’ll lose one of the buttons during her shift. She wont notice until the end of her shift or someone points it out. The sleeves of her shirt end after her elbow, and is tight so it wouldn’t catch on anything while she works. Her hands are calloused but steady from her early years in her homeland.

But the most surprising thing about her, is that she isn’t as soft as she seems to. She’s mostly muscles and the plumpness of her comes from the appetite that comes with being physically strong. She can lift a man off the ground and over her shoulder. Of course she normally looks like she regrets it afterwards

Customer or Club Employee?: Employee

If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?: Bartender and if needed a Bouncer

Sexuality: Why would you want to know? Well if you must know, it is demisexual.

Personality: A hard worker and a heavy drinker. Those were her days in the Ukraine, in the day she worked on her extended families farm, and help produce all sorts of family owned liquor and at night she would sell it at their bar. She’s the kind of bartender who isn’t afraid to drink with her customers and to drink them under the table. Those few times were special occasions. Most of the time she would listen to the woes and joys of the men and women who come looking for someone to listen. This has always been the thing Katya loved the most, the tagic and the uplifting, all together under the same roof sharing their stories and eventually forgetting them through the fog of alcohol.

Overall, she’s a kind, nurturing and cheerful woman. A bit slow and naïve at times but doesn’t let it bother her, since she's also very intuitive about many things. Perhaps a tad too modest about her looks to be working at the Thorny Rose, but she can set aside anything as long as she’s pouring drinks to paying customers. She’s ready to trust anyone because she wants people to trust her. And most importantly she’s ready to work anywhere for money.

Background: Though she would never admit it to her siblings, she started drinking with her friends at a young age, and because of it grew a very strong resistance to any substance. She didn't succeed very well in school because of all the weekend parties, but she did manage to breeze pretty easily with the minimum amount of studying. In truth, she’s always felt restless in a sitting environment. Which is why she didn't apply to any post-secondary education during her last year of school, much to her parents displeasure.

Katya left home after high school to live with her extended relatives to work on their farm and at their bar. She honestly loved it. The manual labour became something she grew to love and excel in. The young woman found a strength in her she never before acknowledge was there. At first, when she worked at the bar, not many people would take her as a bar tender seriously since her eyes always seemed to water. But soon she made a name for herself and Katya became one of the most popular bar-tenders in town. Soon after her family’s brew became a staple in the liquor stores throughout the whole province. To many it may have been seen as not much, but to her and her family it was a great joy and honour.

The only problem was that her breast just kept growing throughout the years while working on the farm. By the age of 22 it became too painful on her back to keep going, thus she decided to take a certificate in bar-tending. At school, she learned new tricks and drinks she had never known before, with practice she could throw bottles and juggle glasses even with her breasts in the way.

Yekaterina could no longer work at her family’s bar without being a financial burden on her family, so she decided to work elsewhere. She applied at many places, and had always good feedback but the one thing that seemed to push all the jobs away were her tearing eyes. Finally, a cruise line accepted her application, her employer recognised what was wrong with her and paid her in advance to get her tear ducts treated.

She worked with the ship for a couple of years before the boat she was on sank in a tragic accident, three of her co-workers drowned as did 4 guests. She didn’t have the heart to return to the sea. She considered returning home, but by then her family fell into financial problems and she had to help them, but with the economy as it was, it would have been foolish to go back to Ukraine. And a part of her was relieved, after tasting the world, she wasn’t ready to go back. Instead she headed to London, an international city like no other.

Her time on the cruise was beneficial to her, she learned to speak English and a bit of everything else. It made her resume golden with all her years of experience and jobs would be easier to get now that she had her eyes treated. But still it was all a matter of where were the vacancies?

She had never worked at a place like a strip club before, but they had a bar that needed tending and she needed the money to help her family…and her breasts needed reducing.

Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc): Ask me.

Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc): Non-con, shota, gore, again ask me I guess?
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Yekaterina Braginskaya
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