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 List of House Prefects and Head Boys/Girls

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List of House Prefects and Head Boys/Girls Empty
PostSubject: List of House Prefects and Head Boys/Girls   List of House Prefects and Head Boys/Girls I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 7:10 am

At the beginning of each new school year, the Headmaster/Headmistress selects new Prefects for each House. The prefects are chosen in their 5th year or later, and continue to serve as Prefects until they graduate from the school. Their duties are assigned by their Heads of Houses or the Headmaster and explained by the Head Boy or Head Girl. These duties include regularly patrolling the halls to make sure students aren't breaking curfew, showing the 1st years to their dorms, and watching over the younger students in the case of bad weather.

Prefects can take away house points from students in their OWN house as punishment for rule-breaking, but not from students/prefects from other houses. They can also assign detention as a form of punishment. (Source: from the Harry Potter Wiki, which took its info from Pottermore)

(In this AU, we will deviate slightly from Harry Potter, because if we didn't practically everyone would be a prefect. Therefore, the rules are that there are 2 prefects for each House, unless one is Head Boy or Head Girl. Also, Prefects do not have to be equal in gender, as we do not have the numbers to do that either.)





In addition, 1 Head Boy and 1 Head Girl are selected from all of the 7th year students. They do not have to have been a Prefect previously to make Head Boy or Head Girl. The Head Boy and Head Girl are specially chosen. They are to be examples for the other students, and examples of hard work, honesty, and good behavior. Their main duty is to instruct the Prefects of their responsibilities, and they may be required for special assignments given by the Headmaster in certain circumstances. The trophy room contains a list of all of the Head Boys and Girls.

They are allowed access to the Prefects' Bathroom, even though they are not Prefects.

HEAD BOY: Arthur Kirkland


- Prefects are to wear their badges, unless they are on the Quidditch team, in which case they don't have to.
- Quidditch captains also have access to the Prefects' bathroom, though they aren't allowed to dock points.
- Prefects who abuse their power may have their positions revoked...if they are caught, that is.

(Most of this came from the Harry Potter Wiki...which came from Pottermore...so...>.>)
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List of House Prefects and Head Boys/Girls
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