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 Curious (Open)

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Alfred F Jones


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PostSubject: Re: Curious (Open)   Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:26 am

His performances were her favourite? Alfred didn't know that.. there were tons of more experienced dancers working in the club. It was nice that she actually preferred his over everyone else's. He felt a flush hit his cheeks. Sure tons of the customers have said his performance was very interesting but it was way different when Nei chan said it. " well artie seems to be always busy with stuff I hardly ever have the chance to talk to him properly" That and he really didn't see him around since he was hired. Alfred only got a list taped to his dressing room mirror stating the duties Artie wanted him to help with. Man.. being an assistant to grumpy brows sure is hard work. " Maybe if we brought it up to him together?" Yes that was a good plan.. he would be able to spend time with Nei chan aswell. Man sometimes his brain was just so awesome!

His blue eyes brighten with delight over the mended pants. He wasn't going to get into trouble! Artie wouldn't have to bury him alive with all that brow hair! He was gonna live another day! He grabbed hold of Nei chan and twirled her around laughing happily. " Thanks it looks as good as new I just hope it doesn't rip again. Having your ass grabbed like that is no fun at all especially when you didn't want it in the first place"

Alfred placed Nei chan down and gave her a thoughtful look. He wanted to thank her for coming to his rescue like this plus he also wanted to know her better. There was a diner just across from the club.. surely Artie wouldn't care since its so nearby? " what do you say as a thank you we get something from the diner across the street? Doesn't have to be today or anything.

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Dylan Kirkland


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PostSubject: Re: Curious (Open)   Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:40 am

Smirking at the quip between Arthur and the (now known to be male) bartender, the young Welshman sipped at his heavy amber brew before they returned to their conversation, of course they both knew exactly which road it would follow. Two proud and courteous men both refusing to abandon their morals until eventually one gave in, and in this case, Dylan knew it would be him and simply accepted the fact that his older cousin was always much too stubborn for his own good, a trait that was always admired. "Alright alright, just be lucky I already vacated the room I took in that cheap inne just outside of town, otherwise I would have a legitimate reason to be so ystyfnig. As for my reason for being here it is kind of stupid and honestly quite funny..." Blushing a little as he paused to quell his nervous laughter, the young man had closed his eyes before taking a breath and continuing in the manner he had before, good natured but business like. "You see, after y basdun, I mean my father, died, I was still rather busy with some excess school work while also working to help pay for some minor repairs on my mother's house. So it wasn't until recently I got to what the old man had asked of me in his will. It isn't anything terrible. He literally just wanted me to see how you have been treating the old tafarn, um bar that is. Apparently he had set up a whole trust in case you needed any monetary aid. Which it doesn't seem that you do." That last little bit was spoken in a way that read as both a tease and a tip of his hat.

Upon mention of the attractive (and presumably female) employee by the name of Nei-chan, the man looked at her briskly, his attention divided both inwardly and now in the direction of the beauty, though he was curious if he would even see her again. Deciding to pick his words carefully so as not to reveal what he thought of as the bar's purpose and patronage, Dylan couldn't help but feel his eyes slide to a half mast and his smile to shift to his left side, a common poker face he adopted when he felt that the upperhand was his. "She seems quite nice, though not like the rest of your employees, nor customers." It was then that he remembered the flirty French pons who had been speaking with the younger man who may have been French himself by the ease in which they spoke. To be fair they were both fairly attractive and the flirtatious words he had been met with were flattering, just unexpected. "Perhaps you wouldn't mind me observing later when I presume the majority of your patrons arrive?" After a decent tilt of his glass and a refreshed exhalation, the strawberry~blonde decided to add another thought into the conversation that he needed to discuss. "We could also possibly talk about the fate of those bonds that my old man left to help with this venue, considering that it is already mighty properous."
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Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: Curious (Open)   Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:04 pm

Nei-chan nodded, a genuine smile touching her lips at the flush that dusted Alfred's cheeks. The blush made him look adorable, though Nei-chan supposed that Alfred would appreciate being called handsome more than cute. "Hai, Alfred-san. I am always happy to witness your performances, and sad that we have yet to perform together. I am certain though that Kirkland-san has considered it!" She stole a glance in Arthur's direction, noting that he was still conversing with the newcomer. "I know Kirkland-san works very hard. I am sure that he has simply been busy lately!" Admittedly, Arthur could be rather scarce when it came to performance nights. But if any of the workers at the Thorny Rose had a problem with a patron, or needed their schedules reworked, they could certainly count on Arthur to be there. Nei-chan had glimpsed him among the crowds, chatting and flirting with the patrons as if he was one of the performers. Still, she could understand Alfred's frustrations.

His suggestion made her smile brighten. "Alfred-san, that is a wonderful idea! We should ask him once he is done with his meeting. I am sure he would consider it for the next time we work together. Or perhaps he will think of something else." She did not tell Alfred that it was also possible that Arthur would say no. The club owner was one of the few that knew her as more that Kiku's family'. Her performances, while popular, had been some of the few, more conservative ones, which made concealing the truth much easier. By contrast, Alfred's performances were always wilder, though the heat came mostly from the patrons. Putting them together could draw a large if not massive crowd into the club, but if the performance got out of hand, her secret (and Kiku's) could be unintentionally revealed. Kiku would NOT be pleased if he had to leave and restart his life elsewhere...again.

However, she kept her thoughts to herself. Nothing would truly be finalized until they talked with Arthur, and she did not have the heart to make Alfred doubt a positive outcome. Instead, she focused on her work. She gave Alfred a genuinely happy smile when the blond praised her work, though she hoped he would not examine it too closely. Nei-chan had claimed to be able to sew fairly well, and not many who said such modest words could mend a garment to look almost new. She supposed that if Alfred did question it, she could always make some believable excuse. 'I am glad that I could help Alfred-san...though I will have to be cautious about helping in the future. I do not want to bring suspicion on my family...' Arthur could only help to protect her secret if she did not give others a reason to distrust her, after all.

She was about to speak again when suddenly, she found herself spinning in Alfred's arms. With a surprised squeal, she managed not to do anything to send them both to the floor. Her cheeks immediately flushed crimson, partially from embarrassment and partially from panic. 'What if Alfred...I need to remain calm!' She hoped that Alfred would mistake the coloring for surprise and shyness, rather than the truth. Nei-chan could, by appearance, pass for a rather small-breasted but beautiful woman. For those that were fortunate enough to spend time close to her, she still appeared and acted well enough to convince them she was a woman. However, surprise, affectionate hugs were usually not part of such times, and she found herself worrying that the pre-med student would recognize her true sex. She felt a cold chill race through her as Alfred placed her down, his thoughtful look making her stomach drop. Outwardly, she did her best to appear surprised and shy, rather than as panicked as she felt.

Nei-chan could swear her heart stopped for a moment when Alfred invited her out to eat.

Her gaze darted over to Arthur, noting the blond was still in his meeting. Had he noticed the commotion? Would he do anything about it? Nei-chan hid her mouth behind her hand (her fan was at home), hoping she appeared thoughtful rather than worried. 'I should go back home. I have already risked Alfred discovering my secret today...but...' Part of her, the sensible part, wanted to make her excuses and simply return home. She would be in later that evening, and the two of them could speak during club hours, as they usually did. But another part of her wanted to take Alfred up on his offer. "Ah, well...I..." She smiled apologetically, then attempted to speak again. "I would greatly enjoy accompanying Alfred-san. I would not wish to cause trouble for Kirkland-san, but if he has no objections I believe that ah, getting to know Alfred-san would be nice."
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Wang Yao


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PostSubject: Re: Curious (Open)   Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:48 am

“As you wish, aru” Yao smirked, spinning on the balls of his feet to look back at his wall of spirits and liquors. He knew the boss’s usual drink, a Pimm’s cup, and it felt like he was working on auto-pilot as he moved around the bar, pouring and mixing and chopping fruits. It took Yao less than five minutes to create the drink to his boss’ liking, not a fruit or garnish was out of place.

Yao had mastered this little beauty years ago, and part of the reason he got hired, at least that’s what he thought. He had made the drink as part of a test; Yao remembered Arthur’s eyes watching his every move like a hawk. Even though he knew what to do the pressure of the whole thing made him question his every move, making him think he had completely screwed up the measurements. However, when the Englishman received the drink and began to drink, he was silent, but he continued to drink. Arthur almost walked off with the glass in hand before telling Yao he was hired and needed to report that evening.

Even though he was done with the drink this evening, Yao hung back for a few moments. This stranger and Arthur seemed to be talking about some sensitive issues. Considering this new comer was kin to Arthur, it either had to do with family or the bar. So, Yao waited until spinning around with a fresh smile on his face to greet his employer and cousin with drink in hand.

“Your usual, Arthur. Just as I know you like it.” Yao wanted to joke/flirt more, but stopped himself, not wanting to upset or embarrass Arthur’s cousin...too much. “Is there anything else I can get you two, aru? Snacks, another cocktail, my phone number?”

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Alfred F Jones


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PostSubject: Re: Curious (Open)   Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:44 am

Even if Artie did in fact disapprove of the whole thing.. what he doesn't know won't hurt him right? Alfred had no ill intentions towards Nei chan after all. All he wanted to do was to get to know her better and the least Artie could do after dumping him with so much paperwork as soon as he saw Alfred was more then capable of being his assistant was to allow him an outing with her just across the street. Then again Artie was artie the forever alone social butterfly who didn't allow anyone else to have fun.

He found the flush on Nei chans cheeks very adorable and wondered if there was any other way to make her flush like that. He did want to thank her for her help with the costume so maybe he ought to get her a present aswell as taking her out. That was the ideal way to treat a lady right? Not that he had alot of experience with actual dating. He had tons of sex sure.. but that was way different from an actual date and being with one person. Wait.. was he actually thinking of dating her? Dude .. you just met her and you want to get married and have a white picket fence house? Alfred shook his head to bring him back to the present.

Alfred needed to change the topic before things got more awkward. " A combined performance would be something he should consider since all it does is gain him more money and customers" Though how that he thought about it. How was a performance like what Nei chan does fit into his really wild performances? Nei chan was all classy, with just a hint of a tease just enough to make people want her. His own performances were more hot and heavy that left the customers thinking of nothing but sex. " Our performances are very different though I wonder how Artie would work that out"
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PostSubject: Re: Curious (Open)   

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Curious (Open)
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