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 Matthew Williams

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PostSubject: Matthew Williams   Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:33 pm

Character Name: Matthew Williams

Age: 18


Mutant Abilities: 
Invisibility/Transparency - he can become invisible at will, usually it takes very little energy. However, it's a bit hard to control. Because Matthew is easily startled, any sudden fright can cause him to suddenly vanish, Though he has a LOT more control over this power than his teleportation. Sometimes prolonged invisibility can cause him to remain extremely pale or even translucent, sometimes enough for light to shine through his entire body much like a hologram or ghost. This effect wears off after a day or so if he doesn't use his power, and it doesn't seem to have any adverse health effects, however Matthew wonders if he could use this to his advantage eventually and be able to control his transparency more than simply going from solid to invisible.
Long-Range Teleportation - He has the ability to teleport, but he has absolutely no control over it. Matthew only teleports when his heart rate goes above a certain point, usually if he fears for his life, gets a sudden adrenaline rush, or is trying to escape something. He can ONLY teleports very long distances, without any control over his destination, and can't seem to teleport back to where he was before, he has to physically travel back. Because of this, Matthew tries very hard to stay calm at all times, no matter how scared he is. He has only teleported twice so far, and has never teleported another person or object, nor has he attempted to. Teleporting also makes him extremely disoriented from moving such a far distance in a short time, another reason he hates it.
Magnetic/Energy Field - It's not exactly an individual power, but is caused by the field of energy needed to warp light around Matthew creating his invisibility, and the energy needed to warp space when he teleports. However, this magnetic energy field has an effect on electronics such as cameras, and on occasion small metal objects will gravitate toward him, but he has no control over it, and it's more like extreme static electricity. This, like his other powers, intensifies when his heart rate increases, sometimes causing things nearby to move or malfunction. Matthew believes that if his powers were to get out of control he might have very strong magnetic abilities, an idea that he doesn't really like, himself, as it would attract attention. (It's worth pointing out if this field did get strong enough it could act like a force field against anything ferrous or magnetic, such as bullets.)

Where Do You Stand?: Neutral

Mutant/Brotherhood Code Name: None

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Matthew is timid, easily frightened, and very paranoid. He's prone to easily forgetting things, which he attributes to his powers though he's not sure which one or why. He tries not to use his powers, mostly so no one will find out, but partly because he's afraid one day he might turn invisible and not turn back, as extended periods of invisibility cause him to retain his transparency even when "solid".

Matthew is generally a good person, he's sure he could never hurt anyone even if he had to, and he should never have to because of his abilities. However, he finds it extremely hard to trust people, and is a constant pessimist despite his best efforts. He's not above stealing things, as it's extremely easy for him due to his invisibility and his natural ability to remain extremely quiet.

Background: Matthew recalls little of his very early childhood. His earliest memory consisted of a boy about his age, and a lot of people taking them somewhere. He remembered the boy was his friend, but not where they had met, and within a very short time the boy was adopted and Matthew was alone. After being adopted by a nice young couple who moved to Canada shortly after, the next few years passed in a blur for Matthew. Not much happened in his life, though he often had nightmares that he couldn't remember after waking up, and often had feelings of anxiety.

He first found out about his powers when he broke his foster mother's lamp, and was trying to hide from her when she arrived home. It was then that his fear caused him to turn invisible, and his foster mother never found him. In fact, she later called the police, worried when she couldn't find him for hours, and Matthew was forced to come out of hiding, telling them he had gone to the park and got lost on the way home.

When Matthew was about twelve years old, he began to experience a lot of bullying in school. The attacks only increased his paranoid feelings, and he started to avoid people. This only made them increase their harrassment, and Matthew found himself sometimes skipping school to keep from being taunted. 

One day when he was unfortunate enough to be followed home by some of his bullies, he tried to outrun them, rather than turn invisible, as he didn't want his powers to be seen. Matthew ran faster and faster, but the older, stronger boys began to catch up very quickly. Panicked, Matthew felt his heart pounding in his chest, and suddenly he felt what he might describe as a mild static shock. Stopping fast enough that he tripped over his own feet and went sprawling, Matthew suddenly realized he was in an entirely different place. The trees were different, he was in a park in a huge city. It was hot, there were storm clouds, and he didn't recognize anything.

Frightened, Matthew wandered the city, quickly discovering he was in New York, hundreds if not thousands of miles from his home, in a completely different country in fact. He panicked, and tried to reverse whatever had happened. He ran as fast as he could, trying to do whatever he had done before, but all it did was make him tired. He couldn't return home. He was stuck here.

Matthew only teleported one other time, when he was cornered by some thugs in a bad part of town. He tried turning invisible, and though it startled the men, they outnumbered him enough to grab hold of him anyway. Matthew fought to escape, and when he finally pulled away from the men, he suddenly teleported again. He found himself miles outside of the city, in the middle of the woods. 

It took Matthew nearly a whole day and night to find his way to the interstate, where he begged the first person who pulled over to give him a ride to New York. The startled driver, a young woman, didn't appreciate his hysterical approach, and nearly ran him over as she drove off. In the early hours of the morning, over twenty-four hours after his teleportation, Matthew managed to hitch a ride from a trucker, fighting to keep his powers under control the entire ride as by now just being in a confined space with another person was enough to make his heart start pounding. 

As soon as he arrived back in New York, he took off, not about to wait for someone else to mug him. He ran to the nearest secluded area and turned invisible and remained that way, only returning "solid" in extreme darkness, huge crowds, or near heavy traffic. He found that the times he turned "solid" now, he was pale, or his skin was nearly translucent. A few times he could have sworn he saw a streetlight through his own hand. 

Finally Matthew decided that hiding all the time was not the answer, and stopped using his powers constantly. He started using his invisibility only to sneak into stores before closing in order to steal food and other things he needed as he survived on the streets. Matthew has heard of the other people like him. "Mutants", they called them, "freaks", "abominations". If only he could find them. Anyone who understood what he was going through.
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PostSubject: Re: Matthew Williams   Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:01 pm

Welcome to the X-Verse. Very Happy Perhaps our paths will cross sometime...
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PostSubject: Re: Matthew Williams   Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:31 pm

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH MATTHEW'S POWERS! *goes off to a corner to babble* <3
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PostSubject: Re: Matthew Williams   Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:26 pm

Yesss naturally he turns invisible <3 I was all happy when I saw no one had that power yet > >
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PostSubject: Re: Matthew Williams   

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Matthew Williams
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