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  Kasem Chao

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PostSubject: Kasem Chao   Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:38 am

Name: Kasem Chao
Age: 22
Human form:
Wolf form:

Species: Werewolf
Sexuality:  He’s bisexual but would rather it be called “being neutral”
Personality: On the outside Kasem seems like your average happy go lucky 20 year old. He seems to smile all of the time and always seems to enjoy his life. The Kasem that is shown on the outside died long ago due to an event happening before his transformation. Now while he carries on with his pleasant façade, he is actually very serious and at often times sadistic. He is always reading the mood and can almost always predict the outcome of a situation. He doesn’t show his true nature because it’s easier to have everyone think you’re sweet and kind. Right when you think he’s weak and useless, he goes for the kill. He’s skilled in martial arts due to his upbringing and is stronger than he looks.  He can be a bit compassionate when it’s needed but usually doesn’t care for anyone honestly. There was only one he truly cared for, and look where it got her. He trusts no one, not even himself the only one who can be actually trusted is Anonio
Background: Kasem was born into an upper class family in his native country of Thailand. He had pretty much a happy and carefree childhood. He always smiled genuinely and laughed. There was never a sad day in his life. Then when he was a teenager (around 18) one night around midnight, two vampires came and took his parents from him. He watched as they drug them outside and sucked the life from them. Kasem was mortified as he heard his mother’s last words, “Leave now, run!” he couldn’t do anything so he packed his bags and fled.

Tears in his eyes from what happened he boarded the plane to Europe, the place we was planning to go to widen his view of the world but now, he was fleeing there. He hoped it would be just like home, he thought that maybe he’d be happy there, but he was in for a culture shock when he saw the reality. He would have gone into a state of compete depression had it not been for a girl he met. He name was Cho Xangshi a beautiful Chinese girl the same age as him, give or take a few months. She had a bright and happy personality and was a tad mischievous which was Kasem couldn’t help finding attractive. Finally, Kasem found a reason to be happy again. 

They would frolic together in the forests throwing caution into the wind. They knew about the werewolves but they never cared. They were two kids in love, why would they? Of course, they never went out on a full moon. One night they weren’t paying attention to the phases of the moon and went for a walk in the woods on a full moon. He gazed into her eyes as she gazed into his. Kasem sat up against a rock and her on top of him and they began to kiss each other passionately in the moonlight not noticing the danger that approached.

They heard a low pitched growl. Cho broke the kiss and turned round to see a werewolf. She screamed as Kasem rolled her off of him and stood in front of her. His adrenaline rushed and his heart began to race. He had to protect his girl. The werewolf charged at Cho and Kasem charged at the Wolf but the wolf knocked him against a tree with one mighty swipe. He felt his back and ribs crack. He laid in the grass watching in horror as the monster practically ripped his love to spreads. Tears ran down his face as he watched. Then, before it could finish the screaming girl off, it turned to him. The wolf had smelt his fear, Kasem closed his eyes.

Then he heard a loud howl a werewolf crashed in. But this one was different. It was larger and more dominant than the other one. He guessed the larger one was the alpha while the other one was a rogue beta from another territory.  The rogue tried to fight the alpha but was quickly defeated. It laid there dead and unmoving as the alpha crept closer and closer to Kasem. It was so frightening that Kasem fell unconscious. He came back to consciousness eventually.  When he saw he was in a place he didn’t recognize he quickly sat up then screamed in pain as his back and front seared with pain. His body ached a bit but felt bandages wrapped around his body.  

He then noticed a Spanish man was in his company.  Kasem asked what happened and naturally Antonio explained. He said that after the fight he brought him back to their present location. Kasem was about dead so Antonio bit him as a way to save his life. When Kasem asked what became of Cho all he was told that after the battle, a massive group hunters came and found cho. She was half alive but was showing signs of being a werewolf. So he killed her on spot to prevent another werewolf.   Rage filled his mind he didn't know what to hate. He angrily asked why Antonio hadn’t saved Cho. In the midst of his angry rant Antonio cut him off and told him he called his pack for back up as soon as he smelt them. He too Kasem to a safe area to at least ensure the safety one of them. When Antonio returned to the scene. The pack reported that the hunters had killed Cho and left the area before they could catch them.

 Kasem blamed himself for everything that happened. Then he blamed the Vampires and the Humans. He didn’t know whether to be depressed or angry.  Antonio then asked what he would do now that he was a werewolf. He stated that he couldn’t make him join the pack but it was in his best interest. Kasem thought about it for a while then agreed to join the pack but with a different mentality than his previous one. He had to put on a façade to hide his new stern serious nature. The only one who probably knows is Antonio.

 (( A/N: Kasem hides this very well but can’t help having a small crush on the alpha who saved him. He thinks both Antonio’s human and wolf form are sexy. This little crush however does no stop him from liking other girls and guys yet he feels he can never have a true relationship. He doesn’t trust them nor himself enough))
(( and Holy Cod this is sooo long ^.^; ))

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Kasem Chao
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