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 Becoming one with the Pack (closed)

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PostSubject: Becoming one with the Pack (closed)   Becoming one with the Pack (closed) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 8:02 pm

Close to midnight on a cool autumn night two humans were frolicking through the moonlit forest. The light of the full moon bounced off of the freshly wet leaves making the entire forest seem to glow. The two humans, fairly young and full of life, danced through the forest hand in hand without a care in the world. They were lovers and had been since six months ago when they first met. They both knew the dangers of the full moon but paid no attention to the phases on this particular night. The man was Kasem Chao and the woman, Cho Xangshi.  

Kasem ceased dancing with Cho when he found a boulder situated in a clearing. He walked into the clearing holding the hand of his lover then sat with his back against the boulder and pulled Cho on top of him. They embraced each other and kissed passionately. The noise of their encounter with one another was much louder than the faint growl of the danger that approached. As they continued the danger crept closer and closer. Kasem was alerted of this when he felt Cho remove herself from him and shift to turn around on his lap. 

She shrieked as she saw a wolf but this wolf was different from the regular ones. It was larger, nastier, and its eyes were filled with unreal aggression. Kasem knew it was a werewolf then he soon felt his heart race and quickly threw Cho off of his lap and stood protectively in front of her. The werewolf charged at the two of them and in retaliation Kasem charged back at the beast. Kasem jumped at it hoping to land a blow to its nose in order to probably knock it out. Before he could get anywhere near it, the beast stood up on its hind legs and delivered a powerful swipe to Kasem’s ribcage. Kasem felt himself fly through the air and crash into a tree. 

He felt nothing but pain and couldn’t move any part of his body. He couldn’t even speak no matter how much he mouthed for the beast to stop as it approached Cho. It started biting at Cho ripping flesh from her bones. All Kasem could do was watch in fear as the werewolf near ripped her body to shreds. Suddenly, it stopped and turned its attention to Kasem. As it stalked closer, all Kasem could focus on were the groans of agony coming from his girlfriend. First his parents now his girlfriend, he decided he had nothing else to live for anymore. He closed his eyes and decided to accept his fate. He figured, what other choice did he have at the moment? He closed his golden eyes as the wolf breathed its hot steamy breath onto his face.
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Becoming one with the Pack (closed) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Becoming one with the Pack (closed)   Becoming one with the Pack (closed) I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2013 9:29 pm

Antonio was on his usual border patrol, though tonight was certainly different than most. On the night of a full moon, the Alpha’s senses were always at its highest. He was forced into his wolf form, though he would have chosen to keep it anyway, with how much power it gave him. He felt like he could tackle a bear ten times his size and win. For a werewolf, Antonio was already large and formidable. He had to be, in order to keep his position in the pack and protect its members. One of his biggest priorities was keeping the territory safe and that meant making sure no Hunters or vampires crossed his borders. The same went for enemy werewolves.

It was near the farthest reaches of his border that he first smelt the rival. Concerned, Antonio began to sprint through the forest, paws hitting the dirt hard as he followed the trail. As he raced closer, there was also the scent of humans, causing the Alpha to worry more. Had Hunters entered as well? His question was soon answered. The terrified scream that echoed in his direction made him doubt they were anything but defenseless people. Antonio panted as he burst into the clearing. The sight before him made him bare his teeth into a snarl.

A werewolf he didn’t know had attacked a pair of humans right on his border. The female under the rival wolf had just about been torn to pieces, and the male looked like he wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. Antonio wasted no time attacking; the adrenaline the full moon had put into him pumped through his veins, giving him little time to think. All he knew was that he needed to erase this threat. He jumped at the enemy werewolf’s throat and sunk his teeth into the dark grey fur. The intruder yelped and fought back, scraping at Antonio with his front paws as the Alpha held on tightly. Antonio let out a furious growl and gave the other a violent shake, tearing at his enemy’s pelt. He threw his weight onto the other werewolf, wrestling him to the ground and biting him harder. He could tell that this was a desperate, hungry beast- possibly freshly turned and not yet used to the power of the full moon- but that was no excuse to attack innocent humans in Antonio’s territory. The Alpha showed no mercy as he mauled the other, wetting his snout with his blood. When he felt he had had enough, Antonio finally released the other werewolf, watching his body go limp from loss of blood. He hadn’t meant to kill him, but the bloodlust of the full moon had made him more aggressive than usual. At least it was one less enemy to make trouble for his pack. The Alpha panted, tongue hanging out as he shook his rumpled fur. The scratches he received were nothing compared to the damage he had dealt, but he was glad he hadn’t suffered worse injuries. Tiredly, he went over to inspect the victims.

The girl was nearly dead. It wasn’t likely that she would survive unless the saliva of the werewolf saved her. Regretfully, Antonio went over to sniff at the body of the boy. This one seemed to have a better chance of survival, though his crumpled form suggested that his injuries may have been worse than they appeared if any bones were broken or there was internal bleeding. Antonio sat by his body, trying to decide what to do. If two dead humans were found on his border, his pack was sure to be blamed for it. Antonio couldn’t risk any Hunters coming to exterminate them. He had to move the bodies or bury them.

Taking the boy by the arm, the Alpha began to drag the unconscious body out of the clearing. Another smell suddenly made him freeze in his tracks. The wind was carrying the scent of more humans towards him and in a large number. Hunters? These humans’ friends? It didn’t matter. Antonio couldn’t let them enter his territory. Raising his head to the moon, the Alpha let out a long howl, calling to his pack members. Proud as he was, Antonio knew fighting against a group of humans this large was suicide. He would let the pack deal with it and come back to help as soon as this boy was out of the way. He balanced the body on his back and began to run off, heading deeper into the woods. On his way, he crossed paths with those he had called. Quickly, Antonio filled them in on what had happened and continued a little further into the woods to leave the boy’s body before running back to join his pack at the site of the attack.

When the Alpha arrived, the scene he found was grim. There were three dead Hunters on the ground, and many of his pack members had been badly injured. The girl Antonio had left behind had been brutally murdered and her blood was spread far around her mangled form. Her half-transformed body indicated that she had been showing signs of turning before the Hunters had finished her off. Antonio checked on each of his pack members individually and finally ordered them to bury the dead. He then made his way back to where he had left the boy.

He was surprised to find a werewolf in his place. The Alpha was confused for a moment until he remembered the bite marks he must have left on his arm when he had carried him to this new location. It hadn’t been intentional, but the Alpha had turned the human, saving his life in the process. The boy’s wounds were healed now, though Antonio wouldn’t be surprised if the new wolf was still tired and sore when he woke up. Grabbing a hold of him again, Antonio began to carry the survivor back to his den. When he arrived, the Alpha laid the young werewolf beside a tree and waited, putting his head on his paws and resting after the night’s hectic events.

(So, I realized that with the full moon, both Toni and Kasem would have been forced into their wolf forms and probably can't transform back into humans until morning. Sorry that this conflicts with what you wrote in your profile, but I hope you don't mind adjusting the story a bit...)
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Becoming one with the Pack (closed)
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