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 Of Templars and mages

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Lukas Bondevik


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PostSubject: Of Templars and mages   Sat Jun 22, 2013 7:49 pm

His long elf ears twitched in annoyance. Brows creased as he glared up. Ever since he had come to the fereldan Circle at the young age of six the blonde elven mage had struggled with this one proplem. Height. 

With his harrowing only a few days away Lukas had spent every waking moment going through dusty book after dusty book. The secret exam to prove he was a worthy mage could of been anything and that made the normally calm headed elf nervous and stressed. His meals had generally been passed onto some other mage as the idea of eating made his stomach churn. And sleep was traded for more time to read books under the covers by a light ball at his finger tips. 

But now the mage was glaring up at the book he needed that taunted him from the shelf that was out of his reach. Being an elf meant being shorter then the smallest human. Often finding himself shorter then most elves too. This made him a bit of a joke amongst others of the circle. That with his colder then ice attitude left the blonde in a forum of self made isolation. 

Grabbing a chair and dragging it to the shelf he ignored his fellow mages who giggled as he walked by. Placing the chair next to the shelf he hoicked up his robes and climbed onto the chair. Still struggling to reach his much needed book his hand pawed the shelf while the other tip toed for it. His ears twitched as muffled sniggering filled behind him while the uneasy feeling of everyones eyes on him curled up his spine. As thin fingers grasped the spine of the book and pulled a large bang exploded behind it. The loud squeaky yelp that lukas let out as he toppled backwards sent the rest of the libraries residents into hysterics. Until the sickening crack of the elfs head against the floor shut them up.
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Of Templars and mages
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