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 Kasem Chao

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PostSubject: Kasem Chao   Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:53 pm

Character Name: Kasem Chao
Age: 25


Customer or Club Employee?: He’s an Employee (is this okay? can i just drop a random employee in?)
If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?: He’s a stripper (or entertainer if that’s what you prefer  to call it. He prefers it be called that but whatever.)
Sexuality: Bisexual with no preference.
Personality: Kasem is a polite happy individual he’s fairly generous and loves to smile and laugh. But things change quite a bit when he’s working. The sweet innocent happy man that is usually seen transforms into a semi sadistic, sexy, cross dressing performer. Yes I said Cross dressing! Kasem loves to cross dress and he can be a man or woman depending on what the crowd wants. Of course stripping is obviously restricted when he’s dressed as a woman. As a female his personality changes to suit the situation like normal only he’s a bit more peppy. He’s fairly crafty yet absentminded so he can think on his feet and change a situation for the better if needed. When he’s in intense (sexual) situations he can become either lost in what he’s doing or not notice what’s going on. No matter what it’s always in character. He’s the kind of guy that brings the heat to the stage (as well as the sheets). Then once his shift(s) end he goes right back to happy smiley Kasem.
Background: Kasem’s great grandparents were immigrants from Thailand. They were poor farmers and hoped to gain new economic opportunity in the United Kingdom. They moved to London and soon started a business.  Years later, Kasem was born into a semi wealthy family that owned a big company that produced some of the most popular Asian themed products. Due to the family’s wealth his childhood was fairly carefree. He went to private school, ate exquisite meals and basically lived the life any child could want. But there was a problem with this “picture perfect” life.

Kasem’s father was a hardworking man but at the same time he was a much stressed man. Running a big company isn’t as easy as it sounds and at times the money didn’t seem worth it. This drove him to drinking and of course not wanting to take out his stress on his beloved wife, he turned to take it out on their youngest son, Kasem.  Kasem does have other brothers, 2 to be exact, but both of them left the country, one attending university in Switzerland and another backpacking through Asia. Kasem has only heard stories about them. With the brothers in absence, Kasem was left to deal with his father’s verbal abuse and then soon physical abuse.

 His father complained about how Kasem wasn’t like his brothers in the way that he wasn’t “manly” enough. Kasem was a very lighthearted and sensitive individual and didn’t have a strong interest in things that the other boys liked. He played football(soccer)  from time to time, but never any “manly” sports like rugby or cricket. It also didn’t help that Kasem had a hidden interest in cross dressing.

Around the age of 18 Kasem came out to his parents about being Bisexual as well as taking a liking to cross dressing. His mother was shocked but believed that his son could do whatever he wanted with his life. His Father, didn’t take well to the situation and immediately struck Kasem.  He ranted for what seemed like forever about how Kasem needed to grow up and become a man and how he wasn’t going to have such a disgrace to the family go into the world and represent the Chao name. He stormed up the stairs and packed Kasem a bag of clothes and basic essentials. Kasem with tears streaming down his face as his mother comforted him felt a large bag trusted into his arms as his father commanded him to get out. His mother protested but his father wouldn’t hear any of it. He told Kasem that he was disowning him and revoking all money going toward his college education. He stated that going into the world would teach him how to be a man. He chased Kasem out of the house and locked the door behind him.

Kasem ran as fast as he could through the heavy rain as fast as he could, leaving the large property of his family never to return. When off the property he sat under a nearby tree and opened the briefcase his father had given him. In it was a suit, tie, toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, and a newspaper. He cried for a bit and then proceeded to sulk through the streets of London for a few days not knowing what to do with himself. Soon he wiped his tears and looked back in the briefcase. This was how he had to start his new life. He worked at a low paying job that gave him just enough to get him a run down apartment on the bad side of towne. Of course he used his suit to get that job (suits are key for interviews! ^.^)

One year later he was fortunate enough to come across a job as a cook at the Thorny Rose . He began working in the kitchens when he was 19. Cooking was his passion but he always loved to watch the performers on the stage and naturally seeing both the sexy men and women perform he wanted to do the same. When he turned 22 He talked to the owner about it and his request was accepted. After being accepted Kasem asked if he could crossdress but that idea was rejected almost immediately.  

The rejection didn’t stop Kasem from practicing in his alone time. One day the owner caught him. At first the owner thought Kasem was an actual female, it took a while to convince him(but only after Kasem took his disguise off. Later that night Kasem’s request for crossdressing was accepted . Now he does it regularly. Thanks to his job at the Thorny rose, Kasem now lives in a rather nice apartment on a decent side of towne.

Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc): Well XD he’s a sadist ( and a bit of a masso) so BDSM is a yes (I might have to do a bit more research ; o ) ) and Threesomes and Foursomes are alright too. XD he really doesn’t care. Drunk stuff is alright Wink and non con is okay i guess.
Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc): I absolutely hate shota and I also am NOT okay with anything having to do with drugs. 
((A/N his humour is a bit dark at times))
((if there are problems please correct me ^.^))

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Antonio F. Carriedo

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PostSubject: Re: Kasem Chao   Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:04 pm

Come join our Practice Session sometime, fellow employee~

(and non-con is "non-consensual," in other words, rape or unwanted touching)
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PostSubject: Re: Kasem Chao   Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:12 pm

Oh thanks ^.^ *goes to change profile*
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Kiku Honda
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PostSubject: Re: Kasem Chao   Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:49 pm

With the exception of Nara, Kasem would get along really well with Kiku (since he essentially does the same sort of thing~). We should totally RP sometime! ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Kasem Chao   

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Kasem Chao
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