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 Spades (WIP)

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PostSubject: Spades (WIP)   Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:39 am

Character Name: Moreen Burke

Age: 22


Mutant Abilities: All of Moreen's powers are centered around luck manipulation. Firstly there's her passive luck manipulation, termed by her to be her 'shield of chance'. Anything that'd physically harm her- the chance of it doing so is half the usual. Further she can do 'luck boosts' and 'luck banes' where she doubles the chance of something working out for an ally- or curses an enemy with the opposite bad luck. She can only use one of these at a given time however, and only on one individual or a small and closely related group. Then there is her third power- she can use seemingly any weapon as if she had mastery over it, even improvised weapons. She favors throwing cards, but it's really not that limited.

Where Do You Stand?: 'Superhero'

Mutant/Brotherhood Code Name: Spades

Sexuality: She hasn't explored it but as far as she knows, pansexual.


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Spades (WIP)
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