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 Capitán Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

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Antonio F. Carriedo


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PostSubject: Capitán Antonio Fernandez Carriedo   Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:08 am

Character Name: Capitán Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Age: 27

Appearance: Dark skin tanned by the sun, emerald green eyes, and long brown hair that is always tied back with a red ribbon.

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Position aboard the ship: Captain of La Armada

Sexuality: He claims he loves no man or woman, but is actually demisexual.

Personality: An incurable scoundrel. Antonio is selfish, proud, and oftentimes, cruel. He only cares about himself and his gold; he is very strict with his crew and will not hesitate to put them in their place if anyone steps out of line. Antonio demands respect and obedience. He will not allow anyone to talk down to him or challenge his authority. Those who do will meet his blade. Though he is usually quite capable of being patient, certain things such as betrayal or disgrace will trigger within him a notorious rage. Since Antonio won his position by instigating mutiny, he is wary of the same happening to him. Therefore, any suspicious or disloyal crewmember will be cut down or thrown off the ship. Needless to say, he does not trust people very easily.


Antonio was born the illegitimate son of a merchant sailor, who married the woman he accidentally impregnated out of guilt only to become a widower a few years later when his wife died of the pox. Reluctantly, the merchant took his three-year-old son with him on his ship, but often neglected him, allowing Antonio to run free and unsupervised. Antonio was a mischievous child who liked to play tricks on the sailors and steal more than his share of food from the galley since his meals were often forgotten. More than anything, he wanted his father’s attention, and he often only got it when the crewmembers would hand him over to his father to receive his punishment. The man was stern and unforgiving. He would beat his son and leave him with only the words “next time, don’t get caught.” He showed little affection for Antonio and often treated him as a burden. The boy found other ways to occupy his time. He was extremely curious and would pester the other crew members until he knew everything there was to know about sailing. He aspired to become captain of his own ship someday.

His father’s business took him to many different ports. One place he remembered the most was a little town by the sea where his father would meet with a rich aristocrat from Austria who had a young son around Antonio’s age named Roderich. The boys were very different, but Antonio was happy to find that they shared a love of ships. Finally, he had found a friend. He was very sad when they had to go, but the little boy promised Roderich that one day, they could sail together.  

When he was twelve years old, the merchant’s ship docked at a seaside town to trade. Antonio went off exploring on his own, venturing further from the ship than he ever had before. He wandered the streets until he became badly lost. Starving and without any money, he tried to steal some food from a merchant, but was caught. Desperately, Antonio pulled out a knife he had hidden and slashed the merchant’s hand to escape, fleeing deeper into the town. He hid there until he found a spot high enough to see the way back to the docks.

It was already dark by the time he reached the harbor. His father’s ship was nowhere to be found. Antonio sat on the dock and waited for it to return, but as the hours passed and morning came, it was clear that the merchant ship was never coming back. Realizing he had been forgotten and cast aside, the boy struggled to survive on the streets. Antonio was bitter and angry from having been abandoned and made a point not to trust anyone too easily from then on. He became fiercely competitive with other orphan boys and often got into fights. For three years, Antonio lived on the street, relying mostly on the sympathy of others and his gradually increasing skills as a thief to get by.

Finally, tired of scraping by only on what he could steal, Antonio stowed away on a merchant ship, hoping his experience would be enough to get him accepted by the crew. However, he was not so fortunate. The sailors who discovered him were very cruel and threatened to throw him off the ship, unwilling to share their space and supplies with a “useless brat.” They beat and ridiculed him, but in the end, decided to keep him on board for their own entertainment. The abuse he suffered left Antonio physically and mentally scarred.

Then, once again, his luck changed. A few weeks after the ship set sail, it was attacked by a band of pirates.  Antonio was flushed from his hiding spot and captured by the pirates who gave him the choice to come aboard with them or be cast into the sea. Fearing for his life, Antonio chose the former. The pirates put him to work as a cabin boy, ordering him around and feeding him very little. Still, Antonio was glad he had found a place that would accept him, and the pirates treated him like one of their own. He stayed with the pirates, fostering the small hope that someday one of the merchant ships they attacked would be his father’s, and that Antonio would have the chance to show him what he had become. As he grew older, he was given harder tasks, and his fellow crewmembers trained him in the art of fighting. Antonio was not a poor swordsman, but it took some time to build up the strength to best the older men. By the time Antonio was twenty, his captain promoted him to first mate- not to give him more power, but to keep a closer watch on him. He had good reason to fear Antonio. The young man was still as mischievous as he was powerful.

One day when Antonio had snuck into the captain’s quarters to see what he could find, he came upon a shocking discovery. There on the wall hung an old map that looked exactly like the one that had once belonged to his father. Looking closer, Antonio could even see the picture of a turtle he had scrawled onto one of the corners when he was a boy, the same one that had earned him a beating that he still bore the scars from. Feeling a sudden rage come over him, Antonio lost control of himself and began wreaking havoc, knocking over the furniture and tearing everything off the wall until the captain’s quarters were completely devastated. This caught the crew’s attention, and under Antonio’s leadership, those who were unhappy with the captain’s ways joined together in mutiny. The captain was killed by Antonio’s own blade, while the first mate met his end when the crew forced him to throw himself into the sea. After the bodies of the captain’s supporters were disposed of, the remaining crew members elected Antonio to lead them. He became Capitán Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, and he renamed the ship La Armada. His goal is to dominate the seas and cut down anyone who gets in his way.

(As always, comment or PM me to be added)

Roderich Edelstein- A friend from Antonio's childhood.

Lili Ziwingli- The daughter of a merchant family that Antonio killed while raiding their home.
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Capitán Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
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