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 Heracles Karpusi

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Heracles Karpusi


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PostSubject: Heracles Karpusi   Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:51 pm

Character Name: Prince Heracles Karpusi
Age: 20
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Most of the time I wear a toga, even though I know that it will make me stand out compared to others, but I refuse to change my traditional attire. I don't carry the staff with me unless it is for royal business. My style of toga also changes depending on occasion.
Position aboard the ship: (e.g. prisoner, Captain, etc. Also write which ship you belong to, or are currently on) Is not on a ship as of yet. He is at the Port.
Sexuality: He family would prefer him to be straight, but Heracles could care less what gender his lover is.
Personality: Though born a royal, Heracles was not really spoil as a young child. He was told that even though he is wealthy enough to have anything he desired, his thoughts should be on the needs of others before himself. Heracles is a friendly person who is always willing to make new friends. He is willing to help people in need in any way he can. As the heir to his family's throne, he made it his responsibility to help those who need it. Since Heracles is a trained fighter with swords, he is not scared of challenges. He is always willing to risk his life to protect those that need help.
Though Heracles has a serious personality due to his royal heritage, when he has spare time he is often relaxing outside or at home, or walking around the stores. Heracles has always loved the sea, due to his kingdom being near the shore, and is educated with how ships are built and operated. He enjoys spending his time near the docks and seeing the different types of ships, as well as being close to the ocean.
Background: Heracles is a only son from a Greek royal family. His childhood was pampered and carefree for the young prince. Once Heracles reached late childhood/teenage years, his life was not so easy. As the heir to his family's throne, Heracles was put through lots of training and studying. He was taught by the best teachers in his land, and was taught in many academics, such as history of his land, geography, mathematics, ship building, sailing, the languages of the surrounding areas and also the common language. Heracles was also learned his duties as Prince and what to except when King. He is also skilled in politics and fighting. Heracles is a skilled fighter with a sword.
In his late teens/young adult age, his parents wanted him to get experience with trading, and speaking with foreigners, so he is mostly near the port to understand the ways of the foreign people and understand how trading works. After spending about six years in this area, he has mastered the common language of the people he is around, and has the basic understanding of trading and the lifestyles of the people that live outside his land.
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Heracles Karpusi
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