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 Character Profile Template

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PostSubject: Character Profile Template   Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:02 pm

This is the basic data you will need to post in the Character Database section. Please fill out the fields below with as much detail as possible, and update as needed to reflect plot changes. Additional information is optional, but please fill out the below at minimum.

(A note on the last two fields: These answers are specific to this AU/setting, and may differ from the ones you filled out in your Introduction post. Please keep this in mind when answering. If you don't wish to post these answers here, you may put something like "please PM me for details". While yes, this is a Stripper AU and hence will by nature include mature content/themes, it's better to know someone's limits beforehand than to find out by pushing them accidentally.)

Character Name:



Customer or Club Employee?:

If you're an Employee, what type of job do you have?:




Things you are willing to do (threesomes, BDSM, etc):

Things you will not do (non-con, shota, etc):
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Character Profile Template
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