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 About the Realm

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PostSubject: About the Realm   Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:55 am

Welcome to The Seven Seas!

Before you begin your journey through this pirate-inspired AU, take some time to familiarize yourself with the setting. You wouldn't want to be caught unaware!


Places like England, Japan, China, etc. exist. We are playing on a globe similar to our own, but various places like the Port is not specifically a European port from our version of history (though it is somewhere central to both Europe and Asia in our idea). Instead of referring to say, Germany and England as European, they would probably simply be referred to by their country of origin (e.g. German, English, etc.). Thus, the continent 'Europe' doesn't entirely exist, but it is implied that a mass of land is the origin of Arthur, Gilbert, etc...and that mass of land is not the same as the one from where Yao and Kiku, etc. are from.

Put simply, players may refer to themselves as German, Chinese, etc. However, it is only vaguely similar to our idea of Germany, China, etc.

The four major settings in the realm are as follows:

Pirate Ships

Each ship is headed by a Captain, who 'recruits' their members in various ways. The ships vary in layout, so it is best to check the descriptions provided by the ship's Captains in order to see what exactly is aboard your floating home (or in some cases, prison).

Crews answer to their Captains. This includes whether you are at Port or at sea, so pay attention to what is happening on your ship. You wouldn't want to be caught unaware by other Pirates, now would you?

The Port

The Port is not a specific port (e.g. Tortuga), but it functions as an active port would in our own time. The Port is where many different things can be found, from goods to the actual people that may become part of your crew. Nobles to peasants are present, so be on your guard against both the law and against thieves.

The Port houses a mixed version of languages, but one that serves all is Common. Languages such as Japanese, Chinese, etc., exist, but they are rarely spoken in the Port. Colloquial languages (e.g. Rouglin) are spoken by the uneducated, and are mutated from Common (and in the case of Rouglin, other languages)

Example conversation with languages:
Kiku: anata wa baka desu (Japanese)
Arthur: Speak Common, Rat. (Common)
Kiku: I 'ent r'peatin' non'. (Rouglin, mutated Common)
Arthur: Ain't ye 'eard? (Pirate, mutated Common)

The Uncharted Islands

The Uncharted Islands are literally a small chain of islands. (If one wants a real geographic location for help, it was thought that they would be near our idea of Australia). It is possible that pirates have buried their treasures here, or perhaps claimed an island to strand their more...troublesome prisoners.

Everywhere Else

Anywhere else in the world you might want to RP, that is not covered by the three main locations above. Examples might be home countries of characters (e.g. China) or battles on the open waters.


Weaponry was often whatever the pirates happened to steal from others. Pirates relied more on the fighting skills of their crews and the speed of their ships rather than on large vessels and bulky cannons. Some pirate ships were equipped with cannons (keeping in mind that each cannon and the supplies to arm it properly were thousands of pounds each) and carried aboard the necessary supplies to arm them.

In general, pirates favored blades more than guns or cannons.

More on European Weaponry (beware, it's long!)

(If you are unsure of whether a specific type of weapon is allowed or not (if it is not on the list), please PM Kiku.)

NOTE: Obviously, those pirates who are from our idea of Asia will not necessarily be relying on weapons favored by, say, the English pirates. However, the principle of blades over guns is the same. I have chosen to detail our idea of Europe more specifically since more of the pirates will play pirates from that area. However, if you have any questions about the validity of a weapon, you may PM Kiku or pose a question in the Plot Central board.


The idea of religion isn't so much our idea of religion (e.g. is there, or is there not a being higher? Is there a God? etc.) That does not mean that there are not religious people (e.g. priests), but their orders and practices do not necessarily have to reflect our idea of what, say, a Catholic or Lutheran priest or minister would do in our realm. This is due to the state of this world, where religion does not necessarily have as strong a foothold as money or notoriety.

The Law

Each country (e.g. China) has its own legal practices that may differ from others. However, all countries have an army of some sort. England and other nations along coastlines are strongest in naval battles and tactics, and so are most likely to be called on to deal with the pirates should the heads of the countries decide to deal with the threat.

As of this moment, their primary concerns are when pirates make landfall and cause issues with the nobles, but otherwise pirates generally remain at sea.


The law may issue a bounty on a pirate, if the pirate becomes enough of a problem. All bounty announcements will be made in the Plot Central board, and will be agreed upon by the hunted and Kiku (unless Kiku happens to be the one with the bounty, in which case it's obviously already agreed). The bounty may be dropped if enough time passes where the hunted is not caught, or if the Law feels it has no more funds to give to the chase.

A caught bounty is thrown in jail in the Port if caught. The pirate with the bounty on his head may be sentenced to a number of things, varying from being stranded on the Uncharted Islands, to being sentenced to hang. (Again, this will be agreed on by the RPer and Kiku, so that no god-modding is taking place)

Any questions concerning the setting may be posted below.
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About the Realm
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