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 Updates, Ahoy!

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PostSubject: Updates, Ahoy!   Updates, Ahoy! I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 15, 2013 6:13 pm

Hello everyone on HUE!

First, we welcome all of our new members, as well as those who have decided to take on the role of a second character! Welcome! We are pleased to have you, or look forward to seeing your new muses in action.

Second, we would like to apologize profusely for the near admin silence these days. Life is very hectic (especially for Kiku who is so totally not writing this >.>), but please do not hesitate to bring anything to our immediate attention that concerns you. If you cannot get in touch with either Arthur or Kiku via their PM boxes, drop a PM in the Admin account, the Professor's account (Kiku checks that), Feli's account (Kiku's second character), or e-mail us! We WILL respond!


1. HUE's 11th Activity Check will begin this Sunday, November 17th and run through Saturday, November 23rd (11:59PM EST). For those that are having miniature heart attacks over activity, please do not stress! This Activity Check's focus will be to see how we, your admins, are doing and what we can do for YOU here on HUE. You'll have a short series of questions you'll need to answer...and that's it.

However, do try to work on posts as well. (The check was scheduled so it did not run into Thanksgiving or Black Friday, for those of us *coughAdminscough* who have to work through it...so if it seems sudden or early, you aren't imagining things~)

2. All inactive members will be notified, and no response = will be deleted! We've been slackers, lenient, you name it...but not this time. It's something we are going to crack down on so that we can go into our next year with a clean, active slate!

If you happen to know someone who has not had access to the internet, too busy to post, etc., please PM either Kiku or Arthur to let them know ASAP. We do not want to delete someone because they can't post/get here due to RL issues...but we can't keep letting members sit.

3. We have not forgotten our AUs! Remember all of that plotting? All of the excitement? We haven't forgotten...just need to redirect and regain the energy that is so tough to keep around this time of year. So look forward to some changes.

YOUR VOICES IN OUR UPCOMING CHECK WILL HELP TO DICTATE WHAT WE DO! We want to focus on what you guys feel is important. If you're having trouble with things, want to see more or less of something, or are just tired of the same old, say so! We're going to have some discussions and then work to make HUE even better for you guys...because you guys totally deserve it <3

ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, feel free to respond to this post, or to contact Kiku or Arthur. See you guys for the Activity Check as our first whole year of existence draws to a close!

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Updates, Ahoy!
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