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 Stay off my yard! I'm serious..

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Vash Zwingli

Vash Zwingli

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Stay off my yard! I'm serious.. Empty
PostSubject: Stay off my yard! I'm serious..   Stay off my yard! I'm serious.. I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 26, 2013 7:23 am

Your E-Mail: kaza201@hotmail.com

Stay off my yard! I'm serious.. Tumblr10

Human name: Vash Zwingli
Country's name: Swiss Confederation

Personality section:

Vash is serious and hard working and always refuses to accept help from anyone. This is due to the fact that the people he did trust before ended up just using him to get what they wanted or betraying him which was the case with Roderich. They grew up together and Vash always protected and helped him whenever he could but Roderich wanted more as he became an empire and wanted to own all of him. Vash always hated being under anyones rule preferring to look after himself and thus a war started between the two breaking a bond which took a very long time to heal or at least mend.

His past makes him abit jaded towards everyone and its very hard for him to trust them. Due to the fact that he has looked after himself for so long. He always worries about not having enough money for when he actually does need it thus he tends to be cheap in regards to spending money on himself. Once you actually do manage to get him to trust you and gain a friendship. Vash is protective of all the people he cares about and would pretty much do anything to keep them safe as in the case of his sister Lilli.

He has a fondness for goats and firearms. He won't hesitate to use a firearm if you push his buttons the wrong way.

Roleplay sample:

He honesty thought after all these years, the hurt he felt back then would have faded. At least till the state he would be able to see him again face to face like this. But just seeing Roderich in this supermarket of all places just brought feelings from before back to the surface. He felt his heart clench and he seriously thought he would pass out right here on the floor. The pain and betrayal all that time ago right on the battlefield when he saw his childhood friend was actually his enemy. Biting down on his lower lip he steadied himself and took a deep breathe. He could do this.. He would see how Roderich responded to him and then take things from there.

" Vash? I didn't expect to see you here" Vash folded his arms across his chest and glared at the man before him. What kind of a question was that? This was in his lands of course he would go here. Roderich on the other hand didn't live here so why would he be shopping here? " I could say the same thing about you Roderich.. this is pretty far from your home isn't it?" " It is but I happen to like some of the goods you produce so I come here every now and then" Wait.. Roderich actually liked something he made? That was new.. he usually savoured more rich products and had really expensive tastes before he could comment on that however, his sister started to chat to Roderich, Leaving him free to pick what he needed for dinner that day. As he did, he could feel Roderich watching him that alone made his heart beat a little faster. Come on now this is really stupid, do you really think that after all this time he is here to make amends with you and perhaps start anew? Maybe it was wishful thinking .. but deep in his heart he couldn't help but hope.

" Big brother, Roderich asked us to come to dinner with him today. We can go right?" Lilli had come up to him looking very pleased with whatever she had spoken to Roderich about. " It would be a pleasure to have you and Lilli over. It has been a rather long time since all three of us had dinner" Vash looked up at Roderich and pondered his options.. he could forever run away from him and never face whatever he was feeling or he could face them right now and make a stepping stone towards whatever they were to each other. " Aright.. only because it saves me money" Roderich gave him an amused smile " Of course Vash" Vash couldn't help returning a small smile of his own. Perhaps.. old scars can heal..

Anything Else?:

Lets see...  I like gardens but they take alot of effort maintaining which is why goats are awesome to have in gardens since they eat everything. Also don't give tea to goats, they will prob eat the whole thing bag included. I also apologize for any butchering of Lilli and Roderich I might have done in my rp sample. Please don't kill me D:
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Kiku Honda
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Stay off my yard! I'm serious.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stay off my yard! I'm serious..   Stay off my yard! I'm serious.. I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 28, 2013 12:29 am

*runs in, bowing deeply* Please forgive me for my late arrival!

You are of course accepted! I trust that you know what to do, but if you should ever have any questions, I am always at your service. WELCOME! *hugs and then hides behind Alfred* <3
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Stay off my yard! I'm serious..
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