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 Francis Bonnefoy

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Francis Bonnefoy

Francis Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: Francis Bonnefoy   Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:42 pm

Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Age: 16 almost 17


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He keeps his hair short so it wont get in the way when he's running or drawing.

Species: Human, a young and clueless artist

Sexuality: Has no clue, but doesn't really seem to care that much. He'll just hit on anyone.

Personality: The French teen has enough snark in him to annoy a hundred high school teachers. He's not careful with his words but in general he is very considerate towards other people, though he can be just as selfish. He's very curious about the strange world around him and is equally quite passionate about it. All of this could be due to the fact that he grew up on the title of 'genius'. But his true passion lies in art, so he carries a sketchbook with him wherever he goes and tries to capture everything he sees. When he draws he becomes eerily quiet as he normally seems boisterous and outgoing.

He wouldn't claim to be fearless but he still wonders the woods alone much to his family's protest. His mother calls him a fool whose going to get eaten by someone, but Francis is content with being a fool. He would rather be a fool than a sheltered child any day.

Francis is the best at running, he's fast and agile and can climb and jump over anything at ease. Which is a handy skill since his big mouth made him the target of a lot angry teens, also the fact that he can't seem to respect if someone is 'in a relationship' or not. He's never had to fight, because no one could ever catch or corner him. Which only infuriates others more, this could be the reason why he doesn't have any close friends. Despite his social personality people still find him strange, seriously, how many teens would willingly go into the woods just to draw?


Francis Bonnefoy doesn't have a tragic past. Francis grew up with his parents and his grandmother happily in town. They were quite well off and could afford to send him to a good school and to hire some private tutors. Everything he did he was quite gifted at which pleased his parent greatly. It was obvious enough that their child was a true prodigy. And yet despite all his talent, nothing really sparked his interest. So he started running away from his tutors and instructors. His grandmother decided to take matters into her own hands. Declaring that they could not force Francis to do anything he didn't want to so she gave him a sketchbook. She kindly asked her grandson if he would keep her company while she painted. The young boy easily agreed because he adored his grandmother and it was better than getting in trouble with his parents.

During their afternoons together Francis became fascinated with his grandmothers skills. She was a great painter and Francis felt a fire grow within him whenever he would pick up a pencil. He took to drawing everything he saw, his grandmother pleased taught him everything she knew, about perspective, colours and curiousity. Because curiousity is what creates great works of art.

Francis was talented in art, but with art good is never good enough. Francis soon realised that the life of an artist was a critical one, where improvement can always be made. He enjoyed depicted everything he saw, and he loved to draw things that were different. Unique flowers, animals, birds with strange patterns... Until finally he realised he really wanted to draw the supernatural. And that's when his first visits into the woods began. He's only gone the few times so far, and he hasn't spotted anything yet. But he hopes that something interesting would happen soon...

Despite being a prodigy he really is an idiot.
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Francis Bonnefoy
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