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 The Jeanne d'Arc

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PostSubject: The Jeanne d'Arc   The Jeanne d'Arc I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 18, 2013 12:03 am

With sails as white as snow and a name of true purity, the Jeanne d'Arc is a vision of beauty. She rides the waves with an unsung grace, almost as if she glides instead of floats. La pucelle d'Orleans is no virgin to battles--but she is always kept and cleaned to top shape each time she returns to port. Only the few scars that the captain is fond of remain. Tax payers dollars aren't being wasted on this pirate destroying girl; she's a true emissary of justice and her crew knows no fear, save when angering their captain.

Underneath the French flag flies a second, the ship's sigil, a white lily wrapped around a holy cross.


(This should be updated as people leave/join)
Capitaine: Francis Bonnefoy
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The Jeanne d'Arc
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