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 Application: Matthew Williams

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Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

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PostSubject: Application: Matthew Williams   Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:43 pm

Your E-Mail: americaisbestnation@gmail.com

Human name: Matthew Williams

Country's name: Canada

Personality section:
Matthew, while often soft spoken and passive, is mostly a rather snarky person, his comments, while often times unheard by the person or subject he is talking about, are sometimes rude, sometimes funny, and sometimes a mix of both. If his comments are ever heard, which sometimes they are he will either flatly deny them being said or apologize profusely. He enjoys talking to others, however more often than not he will not openly extend the hand to initiate a conversation, unless he finds the person extremely interesting.

Mattie loves animals, all kinds, bears cats dogs, all of them, and animals love him too, sometimes. More than once he has gotten scratched or bit because he tried to hug the wrong animal, but he will still try to hug and cuddle that same animal again and again even if it means the same out come every time. One of the main animals subjected to his constant cuddling is his bear, Kumajiro. He drags that bear along with him everywhere and will hug it every chance that he can, if and when Kumajiro doesn't run away or is in the middle of eating.

One of Matthew's favorite hobbies if cooking, he loves to cook, especially for other people. If he knows you're going to be coming over for a visit he will ask what you want to eat, and its its not something extremely complicated, he will do his best to cook it up for you.
His favorite thing to cook though, as stereo typical as it may be, is pancakes, he is in love with pancakes. When he eats them however, he ends up with more maple syrup than he does actual pancake. Another of Matthew's hobbies includes watching and playing hockey,he tends to end up watching more than playing though, and prefers to play hockey with someone he's close to such as his brother, rather than a complete stranger he's met on the rink.

He also highly enjoys video games, and will sit and play them for hours on end, any kind of game, any kind of console. His current favorite franchise is Assassin's Creed, because he honestly likes the idea of using the ability of staying quiet and not being noticed to further the progression of a cause, such as the assassins. While he personally would never do it in real life, he enjoys moving his characters about and doing such things in game.

Roleplay sample:
Matthew was home alone, the lights were out, and the house was completely dark, the only light was coming from the glow of his screen as he lounged on the couch. There was a storm raging outside, rain smacking into his windows and lightning lighting up the night sky. In order to not hear the thunder that cracked with the lightning, Matthew had his headphones up so loud that they were making his teeth rattle. '15% Battery level' his computer flashed in the bottom right corner. The power had gone out ages ago, and he had no idea when it was going to come back on, his phone had already died and now his laptop was dying too, he had maybe ten minutes left before it was complete darkness, and complete silence.

It wasn't even ten minutes though, he found out as his laptop forced its way into shut down, at the very least allowing him to save his works on whatever he had open before dying, its last breath being hears as the fan died off into the silence as well, that is, until a large roar of thunder crashed, sounding as though it was going to rip Matthew's house apart. The jump he did, nearly caused his now closed laptop to almost fall from his legs.

Setting his laptop on the coffee table, Matthew stood up, beginning to make his way to the kitchen, and silently blessing Alfred for distracting him away from rearranging his furniture a few nights before. In the cupboard, there were candles along with some flashlights.

Carefully taking the jarred candles out of the cupboard he moved them to the table, setting them down and then moving to the drawer to find his lighter, thankfully not reaching in and sticking his hand in a bunch of knives because that is honestly the last thing he needed right now. Finding the lighter, he lite the candles, moving them onto other surfaces such as his counter the living room, and beginning to make his way upstairs when he heard a noise. It wasn't the normal noises he heard in his home, this one sounded like someone was, rummaging through something and then slamming something and he honestly did now know what to do, should he go up there? Should he just go back into the kitchen? He just did not know.

Anything Else?: I wonder if England would allow me to bring 'the awesome' Prussia with me next time he has one of his garden tea parties that he invites me too...
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Arthur Kirkland
Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Re: Application: Matthew Williams   Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:45 am

Matthew, so nice of you to join us. I, er.... You did just get here, right...?

*tosses maple leaf confetti and pancakes* Welcome welcome and congratulations, you have officially been accepted~!

Now that you have been accepted, you can post an introduction here if you like, and start checking out the worlds we have to offer and which one(s) you want to join first. You can also claim a text colour here and make a post in the contact thread here if you like.

Welcome again to HUE, and we hope you enjoy roleplaying with all of us!
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Application: Matthew Williams
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