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 HUE Staff Duties

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PostSubject: HUE Staff Duties   HUE Staff Duties I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 12:37 am

Here is the complete list of the Staff of HUE and their duties. You may contact either of the Admins (Kiku and Arthur) if you need anything, especially if the other one is not on or available. If you wish to have a second opinion on an issue, you may contact the other admin.

All discussions between staff about the boards will generally take place in the Staff Board. Members may see this board, but will not be allowed to post in it.

Hetalia: Ultimate Ensemble Staff

Admin - Forum Admin
STATUS: Admin (ALL admins will have access to this account/will be allowed to act under this account)
- Posts up information within AUs
- Posts up rules, FAQ, etc.
- Board creation/modification
- Graphics/Forum design and layout
- Possible NPC RPer when the other NPCs won't fit the role.
- Posts up any forum announcements, important decisions, etc.

Kiku - Head Admin, Member Admin
- Member list/Character list upkeep
- Activity Checks
- Resident Inactive Member Exterminator
- Dispute solver for issues on the board (along with Arthur)
- AU Plot head/co-admin with Arthur and other members
- Deletion of posts/threads on the forum
- Archivist (move old/inactive threads into the archives)

Arthur- Admin/Assistant Plot Maid
- Warning/Ban Enforcer on the forum
- AU Plot admin/co-admin with Kiku and other members
- Dispute solver for issues on the board (along with Kiku)
- Deletion of posts/threads on the forum
- Graphics/Forum design and layout
- Archivist (move old/inactive threads into the archives)
- Advertisement/Member Recruitment

Status: MEMBER (NPC)
- Assists/plays roles in plots to help move them/develop them.
- Answers to the mods/admins. (Will have a plotting thread for those in need of an NPC.)

The staff have the right to modify this post at any time, and will do so when the need to shift around duties arises.
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HUE Staff Duties
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