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PostSubject: HUE Forum Rules   HUE Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 1:19 am


Read these rules and live by them! They will be what will come between you and the admins!


1. Please read the rules (not too hard, you're already here!)

2. Please reserve your character in the Characters thread, (located HERE. You can see which characters are taken, as well as reserve one.

You can find the requirements for the application HERE.

3. After you reserve a character and are approved by the admin, you will have 5 days to complete your application. If you need an extension while working on your application, PM Kiku. Your app should be posted in the PENDING APPLICATION section.

4. Once you are approved, post in the Introductions thread to let us know more about you. After that, please take a walk around the worlds...see what interests you~

5. If you find a world you are interested in, post up a Character Profile in the Character Database (found in 'The Basics' subboard in each world). You may post your work as a WIP (work in progress), but you should finish the profile up before you start doing any serious RPing in the AU.


1. Do NOT start drama in this forum! This forum is made for RPing--not for dating, fighting, spreading rumors, or drama of any sort. If you have issues with another member, other members, or one of the admins, do NOT involve others! Keep it between you, them, and/or an admin/mod if you cannot deal with the issues yourselves. (Venting and rants are covered in another rule~)

If an admin finds that you are involving other people by telling them: things that should not be told; inciting drama; spreading rumors; etc.; on or off the forum, then you will be warned, banned, or deleted depending on the severity. This is a drama free forum...unless it's in RP form.

Which brings us to our second rule.

2. Do not mix OOC with IC. If you hate someone out of character, do NOT bash them in character, and if you hate someone in-character, do NOT bash them in real life. This is very important. If you cannot separate the RPer from the RPs, then you need to consider stepping back or stepping down. You might not like everyone and no one is asking you to, but negativity towards someone OOC spreading to IC interactions means negativity overall...and it does happen, sometimes even without you trying. If you cannot interact with someone due to personal reasons, don't make a big deal out of it...just quietly don't do it and inform an admin if you feel you need to be exempted or excused.

3. This is a MATURE forum! Although this is a mature forum you must mark all 18+ RPs with a warning. Place all additional warnings either in a subtitle or within the first post of your RP.

4. Use correct grammar and punctuation. If English is not your first language, that is understandable. However, laziness is unacceptable. No one is perfect, but please try to check over your posts.

5. Please be active on this forum. That includes: answering the Activity Checks, actively RPing in between the checks, and informing admins when you are not able to be active due to RL commitments or need an extended leave. Please keep in mind, the admins expect you, the members, to take responsibility for your characters. If you want to keep them, you will act accordingly.

6. It is all right to question rules IF you are prepared to back up your complaints. Asking questions is the best way to figure out why an admin is telling you to do something. If you are only questioning the rules or the admins because you do not like the admin and/or just want to be troublesome, you will be warned. If you do not stop, you will be suspended. If you want to question your suspension, you'll have to then e-mail the admins to talk about it.

7. Here, we do understand RL drama happens. But as a courtesy to everyone, please keep the rants off the boards. If you must, you can always PM your friends or others who are willing to listen. So even if you feel you have a great, epic speech to give, please make sure that the other person is going to be okay with hearing what you have to say. This also goes for talking to others about rants you've heard. You might not like what you are hearing (especially if it is about you or your friends), but again, if you don't want to listen, draw a line. Do not go around spreading rumors or using rants to talk negatively about each other. It's extremely immature, and sometimes, if you're not even involved or know the situation and add your two cents, it causes things to be worse rather than better.

If you feel you have an issue that you cannot deal with, you may talk to one of or both of the admins. Again, if you can't separate your personal issues from the board or RPs, you might need to consider stepping back or stepping down. It's reality, and we'd rather work things out than have you leave, but we'd rather you leave than hold unnecessary grudges that just worsen over time.

8. The Admins' decisions are final! If an Admin tells you not to do something, you are not to do it. You may not like us personally, hate us, think we're drama queens, think we're unfair, etc., but regardless of your personal opinions of us you do need to respect our decisions. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, you may take up the matter with another admin. The Admins are capable of making decisions on their own for problems, but if the Admins feel the situation is one that needs discussed or needs a second opinion, we will talk to each other about it and come up with a solution. Again, admins' word is final.


1. Please label your threads. Please be sure to place warnings in your titles. All topics will only be visible to members, but warnings should be placed just as a courtesy to others who are not interested in reading more explicit material. Please label your RPs as Open if everyone is allowed to join. If your RP is a closed/private RP, please specify who is in the RP. This is both for organization AND for the ease of finding other peoples' RPs that might later affect your own plots. If you do not remember to do it, an admin might ask you to edit it. You may specify who is in your RP in your first post instead, so as not to stretch out your title/subtitle.

2. Use brackets if you are going to break character, unless you are in the OOC section (brackets could be: (), (()), [[]], []...). Try to keep OOC comments in the RPs relevant to the RP, such as translations or comments on an action. If you want to have a discussion OOC, please do so in the appropriate thread.

3. Roleplay in paragraph form in threads. If you are posting a chat log, you do not have to convert it. However, if you continue the RP from the chat log on the forum, you will be expected to continue in paragraphs. Try to give your posts a decent length (they do not have to be novels, but try to avoid only one or two sentence posts). This is a literate forum, and the more you write the more your RP groups will have to respond to.

4. Try to keep the majority of the RPing and plotting done on the forum, but most importantly RPing for established plots! If you do RP or plot over MSN, Skype, or other messaging service, please copy over the parts relevant to the plot/RP and post them in the appropriate section of the board. We all live in different timezones and this allows us to better keep up with the plots and involve as many people as we can.

5: A quick rule about Nyo/Genderbent/2Ptalia nations. While we do not accept genderswapped nation or 2Ptalia applications to the forum, occasionally a RPer will have the desire to play as one. Nyo profiles include either fully genderbent nations or nations planning on genderbending in their plots (themselves, not someone else).

- For every 3 canon gendered profiles, you are allowed 1 nyo/genderswapped AU profile. The creation of these profiles is completely up to the individual RPers (no one is required to do it). Please note that not all RPers will be comfortable playing with Nyo nations, therefore, you will want to ask the people you intend to RP with if they are okay with it. Please respect everyone, regardless of their decision. Label your threads accordingly.

- 2Ptalia nations will have specific AUs in which they can be RPed. Again, this is not a requirement (you may be a regular, canon character), but they should not be RPed outside of the 2Ptalia specified AUs or the Non-Themed RPs section. Again, not all people will be comfortable with the 2Ptalia characters, so you will have to ask the people you intend to RP with if they are okay with it. Please respect everyone, regardless of their decision. Label your threads accordingly.

You will need to PM the Admins in order to ask to be allowed to do a Nyo/Genderbent profile. If the Admins do not approve you, you might not have enough canon gendered profiles.

6. Please respond in a timely fashion to your posts. If you are not responding to your posts, the admins reserve the right to warn you. 3 unanswered warnings will equal a deletion of your account and your character put up for grabs again.


On this forum, we have initiated a warning system for minor offenses or for people who have not posted in some time.

- 1st time: Warning - A reminder by an admin to post in your threads on the forum. This will be done through PM or through e-mail, depending on which you prefer. You will be told this is your 1st warning.
- 2nd time: Warning - An aside conversation, to make sure there aren't any issues preventing you from posting on the forum. You will be told it's your 2nd warning also.
- 3rd time: Final Warning - You will be given a set number of days to post. If you do not post within those set days (or give the admins a legitimate reason you cannot post), your character will be deleted and put up for grabs again.

Warning for other offenses - These are things like causing drama, bashing people IC, etc.

- 1st time: Warning - An aside conversation about your behavior by one of the admins. You will be told it is your first warning. For all minor instances (e.g. a one-time public vent you apologize for), your will be talked to, but no warning issued.
- 2nd time: Warning or short ban - You will be reminded to check your behavior by an admin. You will be banned for a specific period of time if the offense is more severe (e.g. openly causing drama on the boards). You will be told you have one more warning/ban before you are deleted.
- 3rd time: Final Warning or longer ban - You will be given a final notice about your behavior, or a longer ban if your behavior is severe enough to warrant it (e.g. openly causing drama on the boards), as agreed upon by both admins. You will be told it is your final warning.

If you are found to be breaking another rule (e.g. going to others and causing drama), you will be deleted and your character put up for grabs.


All those who wish to be considered for a 2nd character will need to contact Kiku and will be judged on a case-by-case basis (based on activity).


And just to make sure you read the rules, include the following words in your application in the "Anything Else" section in a sentence or two: awesome, tea, garden

...along with any additional comments you want to put.

QUESTIONS: Post in the FAQ section or PM Kiku for help~

The admin/mods reserve the right to edit these rules at any time, should the situation arise for editing or the need for more specific rules.
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HUE Forum Rules
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