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 Rules of the Realm

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Rules of the Realm Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Realm   Rules of the Realm I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 3:01 am

There is no god-modding or power playing. If a fight breaks out, keep it realistic to each character's strengths, weaknesses and weapons (if applicable). If you're in a fight, make it fair, unless the other person would not mind you winning.

Though this AU does have many sexual themes, you do not have to RP sex. Just talk to your RP partner(s) and plot carefully as you go.

This same rule applies for after the fights as well. Keep the end results realistic; if you lost the fight, you are not miraculously healed the next day.

Keep the sexual content (when applicable) as realistic as possible. In other words, do a little research before you jump in. Again, keep the 'after' realistic; you will not be walking (very well or at all) if you've had a rough night.

A list of your pairings, friends, enemies, relationships, etc. can be put up in the Plot Central section. This way everyone else can quickly view where you stand in the AU.

Please be respectful of other people's (and their characters') limits and headcanons when RPing. If you are going to plot with someone, please read their profile first; if you have questions you can always PM that person. As this is an AU with mature themes, it's even more important to be mindful of people's limits (not that you shouldn't do that anyway!).

Any backstory pieces that involve the club need to be talked about with Arthur. This is because Arthur owns the club, and therefore dictates the 'backstory' and setting of the club from its birth onward. These do not have to be RPed out, unless you want to, but this allows Arthur to be aware of the people he would know for short periods of time, and people that would have been there quite some time.

Any other questions regarding the AU can be posted here or directed at Arthur~
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Rules of the Realm
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