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 About the Realm

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PostSubject: About the Realm   Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:27 am

Welcome to X-Verse!

Before you begin your life in this X-men inspired AU, take some time to familiarize yourself with the setting.


The world is our modern day world, and our modern day idea of New York City. Other places on our globe exist as they are, for example, London in England or Tokyo in Japan. Thus, anyone from a foreign land may refer to their land of origin (e.g. from Japan) or their ethnicity (e.g. Japanese).

New York City is located in the United States, and so English is the primary language spoken by its inhabitants. Any other language would not necessarily be out of the ordinary (since NYC has such a diverse population), but it would not be considered the 'norm'. An example below depicts a few ways to depict language in your posts:

Kiku: Konnichiwa (Japanese)
Arthur: Hello, I am Arthur. (English)
Kiku: "I am called Honda Kiku," He said in Japanese (used in case one does not actually know the language but wishes to use it)
Arthur: He swore in Celtic, which reminded Kiku of just how little he knew of Arthur's background. (Again, Arthur's player may not know Celtic, but if Arthur the character does, this is a way to show his use of the language that is not English)

Basically, the language spoken is English, unless specified in some way by the player.

The three main settings are:

New York City

The city has been having the highest concentration of mutants living in it for quite some time. It is also rumored to be the hidden location of the HQ of the Brotherhood, however, no confirmation exists that this is true. It does seem that most of the crimes surrounding the Brotherhood take place here. The law enforcement is divided on how to handle the issues, and so far the city has allowed all types of mutants to thrive.

The bustling city is home to an enormous assortment of shops, theaters, restaurants, recreation areas, and other such places that would attract the eye of anyone aspiring for fame...or even the humble tourist. Public transportation allows you to go almost everywhere, whether you choose to drive, take a taxi, bus, or the subway. You can walk almost everywhere, but most people would advise against it.

Brotherhood HQ

The Brotherhood HQ's true location is known only by those who are members.

The structure sits below Ellis Island, hidden underground and accessible by abandoned and nearly forgotten underground tunnels that were once supposed to be for a subway. There are only a set number leading into the HQ, and so the Brotherhood members are able to guard them well and keep prying humans or mutants away.

The HQ is stocked with everything the Brotherhood members need to commit their crimes (as well as everything they have taken), as well as practice areas for training, rooms for the members to sleep in, and holding cells for anyone they might be having...difficulties with. There are also small offices, used by those highest ranking in the HQ. The HQ has a large open space or common area, as well as a kitchen, several bathrooms/showers, and laundry facilities. Though they are a gang, their HQ suggests that they also play home to many of their mutant members, not just a place to meet and plot.

If their leadership changes, their inner decor tends to reflect the style of the current leader.

Everywhere Else

The world is as we know it today, and the world extends far beyond New York City. Any other places you would like to RP may be used, so long as they are specified within your first post in OOC remarks. If the time is relevant, also post that.

Example: ((This RP takes place in Kyoto, Japan, during Kiku's childhood.))

Besides main plot points that do not fit into NYC or the Brotherhood HQ, you may also RP past events, such as RPing out a backstory. The languages spoken in the respective countries are the language you will be speaking, unless specified by the RPer (e.g. 'Kiku could not understand him; he was speaking in English, and he only knew one word in that tongue.')


Neutrals are a loose term for those mutants who are simply trying to live their lives as normally as possible. They typically try to blend in with the humans around them, either by having a job, a home and family...something that would help them to appear normal to their neighbors. Neutrals will typically deny having powers, or do what they can to not allow their powers to show, especially around fellow mutants. They are prime targets for the Brotherhood, but also for the branch of the human government that would send them in to battle their fellow mutants.

Though not necessarily peace-loving, these mutants would rather live their lives hiding their powers rather than trying to fight the government for special rights. That is also not to say that some do not act independently of the government, in order to bring their own brand of justice to the streets. In general though, they are characterized by trying to remain undetected for as long as possible.

If they are discovered, they are often also set as examples of the dangers of mutants. The people see their hiding their powers as dishonesty to the government and the people, and feel that it infringes on their right to the free and open exchange of information. In this way, Neutrals are occasionally confused with Brotherhood members, in that they are both seen as dangerous or harmful to society.

The Brotherhood

Little is known about this underground organization, except that it is very different from its counterpart run by Magneto.

The Brotherhood is now more of a gang than a large organization or school of thought. It does not want mutants to be seen as second-class citizens (e.g. mutants hiding their powers). Unlike their more peaceful counterparts (who either choose to try to blend or who try to work with humans), they are not above using force to get their point across. They typically commit crimes like any normal, large-scale gang, but their reputation as a highly dangerous organization stems from their use of their mutant powers.

While they do not use a specific calling card or leave any obvious clues, crimes committed by the Brotherhood are ones that clearly point to mutants as the culprits. Regular criminals attempting to cash in on the Brotherhood's success are easily distinguishable from their mutant counterparts, and are usually caught quickly.

There are extremists in the gang who have joined to push mutant supremacy, to find power opponents or difficult fights, or even those who simply enjoy tormenting both humans and other mutants. However, those extremists do not reflect the Brotherhood as a whole, but serve as the examples the humans use when trying to convince their government to act.


There are others who do not fit into either category, such as those looking to be superheroes or those who work strictly for the government. They are not as well known or as highly contested as the Neutrals and Brotherhood members.

Mutant Code Names

Sometimes, mutants will give themselves code names for their job. A code name is optional, though certain organizations favor code names over others. Some mutants feel it better hides their identity, while others use it purposefully to stand out from others. For example, the Brotherhood gives its agents/members code names, as if they are vigilantes for the Brotherhood cause. Another example is the Government may issue a code name for any mutants working under them, or those they are keeping an eye on. Neutrals are not given code names, but may take one if they wish. Mutants doing independent work from the Government (e.g. hero work) might also have code names.

The Human Government

Local and state government remains divided on what to do with the mutants, particularly those of the Brotherhood. Some officials are willing to look the other way, others are willing to concede some rights to the mutants so long as they cease terrorizing the city. However, there are those in power that want to see the mutant population gone or locked away. They typically use the crimes committed by the Brotherhood as examples of why the local, state, and even national law enforcements need to put the 'rebellious organization' down. They have even gone so far as to suggest creating a mutant task force, in which the recruited mutants would fight the 'rebels' in a secure location.

Neither party is gaining much ground, as political views of their voters (both regular humans and mutants) swing back and forth. This has so far allowed some mutants to remain as neutral as possible, but it has also allowed the Brotherhood to continue its actions against the city, its people, and the other mutants who live there.


The government may at times issue these, declaring things such as states of emergency, or calling other mutants to help them fight the Brotherhood. These may be heeded or ignored, and the government will act accordingly. The ordinance will be repealed if enough time has passed or if the government no longer feels there is a threat to combat. (All posts concerning the ordinance, such as players who will join or who will be impacted, will be plotted out in the Plot Central board before the RP takes place.)

Any questions concerning the setting may be posted below.
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About the Realm
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