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 Arthur Kirkland

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Arthur Kirkland
Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland   Arthur Kirkland I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2012 7:08 am

Mutant Affairs dept., City of New York
Mutant File no. CXV22137

Name: Arthur Kirkland

Code Name: none so far (neutral)

Age: 25

Appearance: Varying, but the common denominator is sandy-blond hair, bright green eyes and thick eyebrows (except for one).

Sexuality: Complicated.

Personality: When by himself (that is to say, not using his ability, “whole” Arthur if you will), Arthur is a very reserved person, and often doesn't speak much unless he knows the person to whom he is speaking (mostly because of the voices in his head, and partly because he's used to speaking with his other selves and therefore telling others what he's thinking feels to him like stating the obvious). He comes across as bitingly sarcastic because of this, as a lot of his speech is often clipped, understated or interjected with seemingly random things (really, it's simply one or more of his personalities fighting to get their opinions out). He can often be caught muttering quietly to himself, a crease between his eyebrows as he fights back the impending headache and tries to get his selves to quiet the bloody hell down in there when he's trying to think.

Mutant Abilities: Arthur has the ability to split himself into multiple versions of himself, each representative of an aspect of his personality or psyche. He can also, when not split, alter his physical appearance to match the “dominant” personality. The following excerpt is from an early draft of a short unpublished dissertation on his theories, written by one of his split-off selves:

"I've managed to break down the lot of us into eight distinct persons (myself being one of them- Art Kirkland), and by studying each of us hope to gain knowledge on our reasons for having emerged. Each of us seems to have an Opposite or Complement, dependent on the circumstance. I shall start with our youngest, and yet oldest, Artie, whom my own Opposite has affectionately named "Brat".

The Child
Artie appears as a seven-year-old boy because quite simply he is the manifestation of our childish side, the innocence that lies dormant within all of us. Among we eight, Artie is our most naive and also our most fearful. He is the side who fears thunderstorms and monsters under the bed, who draws pictures of our "family" in crayon and asks Mum to hang them on the 'fridge, who likes biscuits with milk and doesn't eat his vegetables. He is stubborn in his ways but curious about everything and comes up with a childish wit and wisdom far beyond his few years. Though Artie is the youngest physically, emotionally, and mentally, he is the oldest chronologically; he represents our earliest years, those carefree ones of laughter and playtime, and my theory is that he still exists only because of Arthur's unwillingness to let go of that time, before his powers manifested themselves. That, and his Complement, Mum.

The Mother
Alice Kirkland emerged shortly after the disappearance of Arthur's home life at (his age of) eight; she embodies a maternal instinct that young Arthur so needed on the streets. She protected him, kept him fed and clothed, washed behind his ears and beat up the urchins who tried to steal each scrap of food he had. Now, no longer in need of the rough protection streetside (although I will explain later exactly to
whom that "responsibility" has since fallen), we (that is, the younger three of us) still rely on our young Mum (in age, I suppose she is more like an older sister with her mere twenty-seven years) to clean the apartment, cook the meals, prepare tea and get us to our separate places on time. Mostly, however, she looks after Artie and provides the mother he will eternally require. I suppose she offers Arthur some sense of comfort, considering she has more than replaced the poor excuse for a mother he left behind. A part of Arthur remains bitter and resentful of that, and he's grown up to be quite the little punk indeed.

The Rebel
Yes, Punksy, I'm speaking of you; I know you're reading thisSTOP FUCKIN TALKIN ABOUT ME YA POOF yes thank you I'll be typing now.[sic.] Referring to himself on the streets as "A-K" (though personally I prefer to call him "Spike" or "Punksy" (Artie's name for him), much to his chagrin~), he is, unfortunately for me, my Opposite. This teenaged side (nineteen years of age, like myself) embodies Arthur's sense of rebellion against the world, his parents who left him to the streets, and at times logic itself. Spiked-up hair dyed a different colour each week, piercings in places I don't care to mention and tattoos adorning the skin of his chest, back, and arms (from what I've seen, anyway), Punksy revels in the strange and taboo and emerged as a manifestation of the anger Arthur harbours towards life. Though this is his purpose, an early inkling of his personality is partly what first alerted Arthur's parents to their son's peculiar ability (an event I will go into in greater detail later in this essay), which is henceforth part of what makes Punksy so bitter. He lives to go against the norm, engaging in illegal drugsTHATS A BLOODY LIE[sic.] and sexual intercourse with multiple
male partnersLEAST I AINT A FUCKIN VIRGINso you don't deny itFUCK YOU[sic]. He also chain-smokes, a fact that Mum disapproves of highly. Punksy is rebellious, angry, and nihilistic, quick to anger and quicker to raise fists if he finds he dislikes someone. Despite his obvious flawsOI THIS AINT A DISSERTION ITS FUCKIN MUDSLINGIN it's spelt "dissertation" and I was in the middle of a sentence, Spikey-wikey.[sic.] Despite his obvious flaws, Punksy is one of Arthur's strongest sides both physically and emotionally and can always be counted on in a fight. Unfortunately for him, (or fortunately, considering his nasty habit of generally mucking up the household and racking up what he calls a "bodycount" and what I call a lot of idiots who met his fist) his Opposite and Complement is one Art Kirkland, rather endearingly named "Booksy" by the little tyke.

The Bookworm
For the sake of the certain detatchment journalism holds, I'll pretend for a moment that the writer is not the subject, though writing about myself in the third person seems eerie to me somehow considering that I am about to lay my strengths and flaws alike out, as it were, in the open. However, for but a paragraph I'll stand it, if only to get across JUST GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT ALREADY SHAKESPEAR fine, fine... And it's "Shakespeare" with an "e" at the end, you dolt[sic]. Art Kirkland embodies Arthur's studious side, the part that hungers for knowledge and factuality and order. He emerged shortly after Punksy did, as a sort of counterbalance to the latter (which was, in my opinion, completely necessary considering his nature) and continues to represent the part of him that learns about the world around him. Art is well-versed in literature and politics alike, as well as less common subjects such as herbology and the psychological attributes and motives of fictional characters ARE YOU STILL ON ABOUT THAT FUCKIN GEEKY PAPER YOU WROTE FUCKIN HELL MAN it was an interesting subject! OKAY ENOUGH OF THAT FLOWERY FUCKIN LANGUAGE IM TAKIN OVER HERE. now that capslock ain't needed I can finally write like normal. truth is, booksy's arthur's geeky side, he fangirls over all that comicky shit and reads plays and stuff, i think i seen him once wankin to some kinda picture about tentacles and some brunette bird, i shut the door before i saw more cause it freaked me the fuck out. i mean i'm pretty damn hardcore but that was just fuckin weird i mean it wasn't even a legitimate like creature. and yeah art's pretty smart but that doesn't help him on the streets, a bloke can't very well be quotin shakespeare (spelt it right see geeky?) out there and expect to not get his arse handed to him on the lid of a rubbish bin. it'd be really funny watchin him goin out to the shops for food if it wasn't so bloody well sad the way he shifts a lot and looks about him like there's sommat gonna jump out and eat him in broad fuckin daylight i mean sure it's the west village and you get all sorts but it's not like a dangerous place if you know how to handle yourself. though obby he doesn't know how to handle himself if he's gettin all flustered at normal situations. i usually have to come with him cause he's just that sad it's really amusin if nothin else. Will you please,
please at least have the common courtesy to use correct grammar when writing willy-nilly in my paper, Punksy? Honestly, I'm trying to get thoughts down here and it doesn't help when you keep jumping in. Now that I've regained control of this keyboard I intend to keep it till this paper is done and saved. As my... brother... has summarised so very nicely above, I am indeed smart in the sense of education and literature, but sadly a bit lacking in street knowlege and occasionally (don't you snort at me like that, Punksy) easily distracted. I am most comfortable in safe places, where I can study and take notes, and occasionally illustrate study subjects for future endeavours; I've become a regular fixture at several of New York's fine museums, not to mention the library, of course. I believe I emerged shortly after Punksy did, as a sort of counterbalance and to represent Arthur's curiosity as it evolved to more than a mere childish wonderment. Chronologically I am the fourth-oldest, but the third-youngest in actual age (nineteen years, like Punksy). I suppose that if I were to "grow up" as it were, I might endeavour to become another one of Arthur's several selves. That is, specifically, Officer Kirkland, otherwise known to us as "Copsy".

The Peacekeeper
Copsy is what one might lightly call a "workaholic." Stoic and authoritative, he represents Arthur's productive side as well as his urge for control. He's found that he's both a bane and boon to Punksy, whose antics have earned him his own special place at NYPD's sixth precinct[1] station. Thankfully, seeing as his "uncle" is a highly respected officer, most of the things he does are let slide.... For a short while at least. Officer Kirkland is the strongest of us physically, a result of his daily exercise regimen that begins at precisely six in the morning each day (I usually happen to be up and about around that time myself, and Mum makes sure to leave out the makings for a cup of tea for him). He emerged awhile after Arthur settled in New York with a need for a more fulfilling income than what I could provide with part-time work at the bookshop (even though I happen to love the place and the old man who runs it), and threw himself into Police Academy. A representation of Arthur's want for order, he's proven a worthy addition to the sixth precinct, and provides a good chunk of Arthur's income, along with his own Complement, a man of rather... interesting tastes, who goes by the name Kirk (though to us, his rather more descriptive name is Kinksy).

The Pervert
Having emerged a few years after arthur lost his virginity (when he started getting interested in... less traditional... forms of sexual acts), Kirk represents an outlet for Arthur's sexual desires and fantasies. The 31-year-old (in appearance only, of course) works as the manager of a specialised adult store in the east village, where he's become somewhat famous among his customers for his extensive knowledge of all things sexual (don't go to him for relationship advice; his specialty is carnal activities, not love). Whether it's the fact that not even the strangest question shocks him, or his charm and flirtatious nature (he is acutely aware, for example, of the effect his accent has on most Americans), Kirk hardly has trouble bringing partners home to have fun with, and often the same people will request his 'services' multiple times. Despite the apparent oddity in his hobbies, he is as mindful of his partners' consent as he is of their turn-ons, and will never do anything with them of which they are not fully aware. Strangely enough, (or perhaps it's not so strange) Kirk gets on well with Punksy, who claims there is a “dungeon” in his apartment (whether or not this is true, however, I don't know), and the two will occasionally disappear there for an hour or two to do God-knows-what. Kinksy calls it “practise”, though what on Earth he would want to practise with Punksy, I cannot fathom. My dear Art, it's not I who is doing the practising, though. Perhaps if you asked the little punk he might admit some things you might find rather shockiSHUTTHEFUCKUPKIRKYOUFUCKINARSE Excuse me, you two, but can't you see I'm
trying to write a paper? If memory serves I expressly forbade any more meddling!
The aforementioned six represent, if Freudian theory on the structure of the psyche is to be believed (Although personally speaking his obsession with phallic objects seems horribly off-base to me), Arthur's “Ego”, (self) or the separate and distinct aspects that make up the broader spectrum of his personality. The other two of us who remain, then, represent the “Superego”, or the conscience and expectations of the outside world, and the “Id”, the baser, savage desires. These are perhaps the strongest Opposites.

The Angel
Far from naïve, if slightly prudish, Britt (short for Britannia Angel, a mythological figure from one of my books to whom he seems to have taken a shining) is the representative of Arthur's conscience, the proverbial “angel on his shoulder”, the “Superego” or moral expectations of the outside world. As his name and nature would suggest, he emerged as a voice of reason for Arthur beyond what Mum could provide. He is very kind, and a gentlemanly individual, but he will (similarly to Copsy) take no flack from anyone. Unlike Copsy, however, he is not the slightest bit stoic. If and when he emerges, he acts the barest bit childish; Mum speculates it's because “the poor dear hardly gets out”. (I personally find it the slightest bit endearing in that he brings to mind the personality of the eleventh Doctor... police boxes and screwdrivers aside, of course). Britt also gives the rest of us a sort of moral guideline, if you will. He rarely splits off, however, preferring to keep to the main body in order to keep his counterpart in check (which is, sadly, something that appears to be quite the fulltime job).

The Demon
Even we don't know much about this darker side of Arthur's psyche, and with good reason. Britt keeps him imprisoned in a corner of our collective mind, but were he to escape and either split off or take control of Arthur's main body, the results would
undoubted ly b͑e͊͑ͯ̾͠

The rest of the document file after this is corrupted beyond repair, but the above text was able to be recovered. Additional information is yet to be found as to how exactly this power works, however.

Arthur was seven years old when his powers first began to manifest themselves. He grew up in an average home as the youngest child in an average family in an average, out of the way town close to Brighton, England. He was well loved and well fed, bright for his age but terribly shy, and as a result was picked on by his elder brothers and schoolmates alike. The boy was quiet and tended to keep to himself, preferring to draw pictures or read storybooks in his room.
The first few times he lashed out, his parents dismissed it as the normal outbursts of temper that were simply a part of having Celtic blood. They were even a little bit proud that their youngest had finally begun to show a little backbone. Soon, however, they realised the increasingly violent tantrums were more than the infamous British temperament peeking through. It was someone else peeking through. Frightened, Arthur's parents rushed him to a doctor, who decided he must have a mental syndrome and could be cured with a few pills and careful schooling. No mental syndrome could cause a second, more belligerent Arthur to appear, however. This second Arthur sought a sort of retribution for the bullying the first one had been through, and Arthur's parents were called in to speak with the principal several times before they decided to keep him at home for a few days.
Arthur was tucked into bed and doing his maths homework, behaving for once (his father had just checked on him) when the phone rang. It was the school principal again, asking them to come and pick up their son Arthur, as he'd just punched a classmate in the nose.

Arthur was at home.
Arthur was at school.

He was in two places at once, and that was impossible, his parents assured themselves as they drove to the school to sort this all out. Yet there was Arthur, slumped angrily in the chair across from the principal's desk, little arms crossed over his chest and uniform askew. There was blood on the knuckles of his right hand, still curled into a fist, and beside him sat a sullen boy from his class, holding a tissue to his bruised and bloodied nose.
The ride home was silent. Mr. and Mrs. Kirkland were too stunned even to reprimand him. When the three reached home, Arthur's father followed the boy up to his room. The Arthur in bed looked up at the sound of the door opening, a horrified look crossing his face as he scrambled out from under the blankets (still in his pyjamas) and ran to his doppelganger, the first words out of his mouth “What did you do this time?”

Five months later saw Arthur on a plane by himself heading to America and a “special school” for people like him. He didn't like the sound of it; it sounded more like he was being sent to the looney bin and being disowned by the family he thought loved him. It was clear to Arthur that they thought him a freak now, and the feeling of abandonment rang through his heart and drew quiet sobs from his throat through the duration of the flight. His other self sat beside him and hugged him, muttering that it would all be okay, and when the plane landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Arthur walked from the terminal holding the hand of a pretty young woman who called herself Alice and whom he called Mum.
The two walked straight past the man who was waiting to welcome twin boys from Britain and take them to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, out the airport's front doors and into a new life.
It was difficult, for a long while, joining the mass of homeless in New York City's darkest bowels, but people took pity on the “single mother” and her “son”. Arthur soon learnt he could split himself at will, and merge back together as well, a skill that came in quite handy when stealing food from grocers and hiding from streetwise thugs. He got along well, keeping to himself and saving up every scrap of money he could find. Alice began waitressing at a small cafe in lower manhattan, and the tips were enough to get by on. Arthur's “family” has grown over time, and eventually he moved into a flat on the ninth floor of a decently affordable apartment building in Greenwich Village. Now able to split himself for longer periods of time and maintain the differing appearances, Arthur can work three full-time and two part-time jobs and has since been able to afford renting two apartments, side by side (It comes in handy when Kinksy brings home a “friend”, or when Booksy needs privacy to study for his major in Literature.). In this way, he prefers to keep himself busy, staying under the radar just enough to remain unnoticed thus far by either the Government or the Brotherhood. Copsy's presence in New York's 6th Precinct ensures that Arthur's mutant identity stays out of the eye of the general public as well.

[1] New York City's 6th Precinct covers Greenwich Village, which is where Arthur lives.

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Arthur Kirkland
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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland   Arthur Kirkland I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2013 12:18 am

Additional Information / Headcanons - (Work in Progress)

  • All of the separate selves have the exact same freckles/beauty marks, in exactly the same places.
  • They all enjoy essentially the same foods, and dislike the same things.
  • If one of them sustains an injury while split off, that injury does not manifest itself on the other individual selves (hence why Punksy's tattoos and piercings are not visible on any of the others); however, the residual pain can be felt by "whole" Arthur when the recipient of said injury is merged. If "whole" Arthur sustains an injury, each individual self will both feel its effects and show physical signs of it.
  • They all require glasses, but all except Mum and Booksy wear contacts. Artie doesn't need his nearly as much, and mostly wears them for reading.

  • Mum
    • Due to the fact that Arthur himself was born male, Mum was originally not physically female. Even now, she does not have the necessary female reproductive organs to conceive or bear children (Since Arthur's own body never had them, it was impossible for the cells to create them). Therefore she is, almost by definition, asexual.
    • She is the most levelheaded of the eight, and together with Booksy the most adept at solving problems.
  • Artie
    • Though naive, he is very perceptive, in the same way a child is perceptive. However, he is imaginative and might not see things the way adults see them (and sometimes sees things and draws conclusions that adults cannot).
  • Booksy
    • He is perceptive of details, but can sometimes get wrapped up in them (and his own thoughts) and miss the bigger picture or the atmosphere.
    • He is the most adept at problem-solving, and together with Kirk has the sharpest memory (although Booksy's is more suited to facts).
    • He has very low self-esteem, and flusters easily.
  • Punksy
    • He spends the most time split off, which is partly because of his independent nature but also partly because most of his activities take place at night or in the evening, when most of Arthur is asleep.
    • He's secretly very fond of Artie, and likes to play music for him.
    • He is the only part of Arthur that is completely homosexual.
  • Kirk

  • Copsy

How the powers work
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Arthur Kirkland
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